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Best HomePod Coasters, Bases, and Mats in 2024

When your intelligent gadgets begin to grab your guests’ attention at home, you feel satisfied for a moment. But little did you know that sometimes those devices left their nasty marks on the glass or wooden surface. A case in point is Apple’s HomePod, a silicone base that leaves rings on surfaces. So having HomePod bases, mats, and coasters could be a perfect solution to avoid those ugly stains on your tabletops.

1. Pad & Quill Leather HomePod Coaster

Pad&Quill Leather Coaster for HomePod

Pad & Quill is known to manufacture luxurious Apple accessories. This leather HomePod coaster is the best surface protector for you. Pad & Quill has used American full grain leather to manufacture this state-of-the-art surface protection for HomePod. This ultra-soft leather mat is available in three beautiful colors: whiskey, chestnut, and galloper black.

Marine grade stitching of leather base imparts exquisite finesse to this product. Pad & Quill has achieved new heights in minimalist arts by crafting this surface protection for HomePod.

USP: Marine grade stitching
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2. Mrount Silicone Pads Shock Proof HomePod Coaster

Mrount HomePod Coaster

Mrount has made a top quality base from silicone, which absorbs vibrations from your HomePod. This pad not only keeps the surface clean but also ensures you get a real soundtrack. Your 2.5kg HomePod can comfortably sit on the anti-slip pads that tightly fit against the table top. Your HomePod stands firmly on the table and it won’t leave any marks or rings on the wooden surface.

Apart from ring marks, the silicone mat helps you avoid direct contact between the smart speaker and wooden desk and safeguards your gadget from scratches.

USP: Anti-slip pads
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3. KIWI Design Aluminum Alloy Coaster Holder for HomePod

KIWI design HomePod Coaster Stand

KIWI Design has crafted a durable HomePod coaster from aluminum. The material is strong enough to protect your smart speaker; the design of this coaster will never destroy your HomePod. You can install this coaster anywhere in your house – kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Design of this aluminum coaster is simple, and therefore it creates a remarkable sophistication in your living room. A mixture of stainless steel and aluminum alloy ensures that your HomePod does not roll down from the flat surface.

USP: Flexible and durable
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4. LuckyNV Natural Leather Waterproof HomePod Mat

LuckyNV HomePod Pad

A leather mat for your Apple HomePod is a beautiful home décor piece. Enhance your home and office’s aesthetic elements by placing your smart speaker on the mat, which is made of natural leather. This waterproof mat is one of the best accessories for your intelligent speaker.

LuckyNV has crafted this mat from cowhide material, which protects the sound. Anti-knock quality of this leather mat keeps damage at bay. You can use your HomePod without any worry.

USP: Cowhide material
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5. CIRCLE TECH Aluminum Alloy HomePod Coaster

Circle Tech HomePod Aluminum Alloy Coaster

Sporting a compact form-factor, Circle is worth considering for three reasons. First and foremost, the stand is made of high-grade aluminum alloy which endows durability while also giving it a modern look.

The second, it fits HomePod pretty well and also resists vibrations. And with the anti-slip pad, it remains steady on any surface. As for price, Circle coaster is a bit expensive at $21.88. But considering the specs, it’s overall a good deal.

USP: High-grade aluminum alloy construction
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6. Exact Design HomePod PU Leather Coaster

Exact Design HomePod Leather Coaster

Apart from protecting the base of your HomePod, this mat always fills your hearts with awe to the country. The American flag design on high-quality PU leather makes all the difference. Microfiber bottom of this coaster tightly sticks to the surface; your HomePod is securely placed on the coaster.

Marine thread stitching adds beauty to this HomePod coaster. This PU leather coaster is sturdy enough to endure daily wear and tear.

USP: Microfiber material
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7. LANMU Silicone Anti-Slip Pad for HomePod

LANMU HomePod Shockproof Coaster

Featuring a soft and scratch-resistant design, LANMU can offer the needed care to your HomePod. For one, the pad is made of silicone material and is fully capable of absorbing vibrations. Thus, it shields the smart speaker against scuffs and ensures the pure sound is not compromised.

The coaster sports a flat rubber base so that the speaker can fit snuggly. Another feature worth noting is that it also doesn’t leave behind any white rings on wooden furniture. Lastly, LANMU comes at $7.99 for one pack and $12.99 for a two-pack, making it one of the cheapest coasters for HomePod.

USP: Flat rubberized base
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8. Casa Bellante Leather Coaster for HomePod

Casa Bellante Leather Coaster for HomePod

Another HomePod coaster made of genuine leather. This time it is from Casa Bellante, which has manufactured state-of-the-art coaster. Casa Bellante has used 100% genuine leather to produce an ultra-soft coaster with artisan signature.

Casa Bellante has deliberately kept a low profile to highlight the modern design of the coaster. You will get a set of two coasters for your Apple HomePod.

USP: Ultra-soft leather
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That’s it!

Signing off…

HomePod mats or coasters are one of the essential accessories for your smart speaker. Since you invest a lot of money in your smart speaker, you need to protect the device from every side. Aside from covers and mounts, HomePod bases should be on the top of your list.

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