Apple Watch is a small little gadget on your wrist, and by now all you Apple Watch owners would have explored a lot of things on it. There are certain features that Apple has not explained in details or rather did not explain at all.

I have personally experienced certain issues while using my Apple Watch; and of them was screen going off after few seconds. I had to do things again that I was doing. There is a feature in watchOS 2, which lets you keep display of your Apple Watch ON for a longer time.

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How to Keep Apple Watch Display ON for Longer Time

I am sure you weren’t aware about that, were you? Ok, so let us get this started and check the guide below to extend display duration on your Apple Watch.

How to Keep Apple Watch Display ON for Long Interval in watchOS 2

Step #1. From all the tiny little icons on Apple Watch spot Settings and tap on it.

Tap on Settings on Apple Watch

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Step #2. Now tap on General followed by “Wake Screen“.

Tap on General in Apple Watch Settings Then Tap on Wake Screen

Step #3. Scroll down to the bottom and under “On Tap“, you will have two options: “Wake for 15 Seconds” and “Wake for 70 Seconds”. Now tap on “Wake for 70 Seconds“. Alternatively you can also select 15 seconds option in case you don’t want to have your screen ON for 70 seconds.

Change Wake Time on Apple Watch

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If it was hard for you to locate Settings and operate from tiny display of Apple Watch, then there is another way. You can do the same settings from your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone is paired with your Apple Watch and then follow below given steps.

How to Keep Apple Watch Display ON for Long Interval from iPhone

Step #1. Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone → Tap on My Watch → Tap on General.

Tap on My Watch Then General on iPhone

Step #2. Scroll to Wake Screen and tap on it.

Tap on Wake Screen in Apple Watch Settings from iPhone

Step #3. Under “ON TOP”, tap on Wake for 70 Seconds.

Make Apple Watch Display ON for Longer from iPhone

That’s it; your Apple Watch will now display for straight 70 seconds. This feature works well with wrist-raise option, so you won’t have to rely completely on tapping the screen all the time.

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