How to Know When You Need to Replace Your iPhone

Normally, users like to sell their old iPhones before September, when Apple releases its new devices. Moreover, I do not intend to give you tips to sell your iPhone at the best price. I have seen users, who, out of love or liking, don’t want to sell their old devices. They develop a sort of bonding with their iPhone. However, a day comes when it is too late to sell the phone. Before this happens, check the below-mentioned signs that indicate you should sell your old iPhone and get the best price.

4 Signs That Shows You Need to Replace Your iPhone

There are a few situations when you think you should get rid of your old iPhone. It can be a serious injury or no scope of iOS upgrade; when your iPhone becomes irreparable or Apple throws irresistible offers.

Sign #1. Damage

As mentioned above, Apple produces killer hardware and therefore, they do not age in two-three years. There are users, who do not wish to upgrade even after four or five years. The only reason that can force them to upgrade is damage.

iPhone is the most aspirational smartphone among users worldwide; this fact hardly inspires any users to cover or protect the device. Even so, the device can endure natural and human-made injuries. In case you protect the device with robust accessories, there is a rare chance of damage. But some injuries leave permanent scars on the body. A true-blue iPhone lover cannot stand this scene.

Accidents like shocks or drops can permanently damage your iPhone. If you carelessly handle your device, it may get damaged and you have to find a fresh piece. The situations include a fall from a considerable height; you may drop your device in deep water and it is not waterproof. Remember, Apple has added muscles to its waterproof standards from iPhone X onwards. So your iPhone released before 2017 would not tolerate any aquatic caress.

Another grave situation is when your iPhone is crushed by any heavy object, or it comes under the wheels of a giant commercial vehicle. This can leave your phone useless for good.

Sign #2. No iOS Upgrade

No iOS Upgrade in iPhone

When Apple announced its iOS 13, owners of iPhone 6 were disappointed as the software update does not support iPhone 6 and earlier iPhone models. In this situation, many users like to upgrade their iPhones. For them, an app update is a significant issue. Many popular apps do not roll out updates for old devices. Users cannot update apps like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular iPhone or iPad apps.

This is the biggest reason for users to buy a new iPhone. However, there is a way to install apps on older devices running older versions of the Apple operating system. For this purpose, they need two iOS devices; once they sign out of the old device, they can sign with the same Apple ID in a new device and update the apps. Next, they can go back to their old devices and sign in with the same Apple ID.

Sign #3. Irreparable

Irreparable iPhone

Some damages are irreparable. Apart from hardware damage, a software bug can crash your iPhone, and you may like to take it to Apple Store to get it repaired. Although Apple provides robust security to your iOS devices, some virus attacks can bypass those security walls to attack the heart of your device. Such assaults can prevent your access to apps and iMessage.

When the cost of repairing is higher than a new device, you may think of getting a fresh iPhone.

Sign #4. Irresistible Offers

Irresistible Offers for iPhone

Some offers are simply irresistible. You cannot turn them down as you are keen to buy a new iPhone by selling the old device. Every year, Apple releases its new iPhones in September; before this month, e-commerce portals run offers and discounts for customers to upgrade to the latest iPhones.

Mobile operators too come up with profitable upgrade plans. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon are leading carriers in the United States.

That’s all folks!

Signing off…

Before you sell your old iPhone, you need to do a few things, like taking a backup, exporting contacts, deleting photos & videos, removing apps and more. iPhone is such a coveted phone that every user feels a strong attachment to this device. However, there are some circumstances when you have to say bye-bye to this phone.

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