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12 Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPhone

Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPhone

iPhones have long shelf-life and you don’t like the idea of selling your old device. But technology moves on as companies introduce innovative smartphones. This change compels you to buy a new iPhone. So what to do with your old iPhone? Well, there are many repurposes of an old iPhone.

The current tutorial is about creative ways you can reuse your old iPhone. If you have made up your mind to sell your used iPhone, you need to perform some tasks on your device, and you must have some information on where to sell the old iPhone.

12 Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Old iPhone

#1. A Gift to your Kids

Old iPhone as a Gift for your kids

Instead of buying an expensive tablet or any other touchscreen device, your old iPhone can be a good gift for your kids. They would love to use the iPhone in their unique ways. Let them explore the iOS world and come up with something innovative. They can play games or use educational apps to learn something new.

#2. Use iPhone As CCTV Camera for your Kids, Pets, and Home

Use iPhone As CCTV Camera

Anything for kids, right? For their security, you can use your old iPhone as a security camera to keep an eye on your kids and pets. Download a motion sensor iPhone app on your old device, and you can keep a watchful eye on your kids and home.

Your used iPhone can be a security guard of your house. You can install an outdoor Wi-Fi webcam or a smart doorbell. Next, you can use your iPhone as a video monitor placed on a nightstand or dinner table.

#3. Play Music and Listen to Audiobooks & Podcasts

Play Music and Listen to Audiobooks & Podcasts on Old iPhone

Connect your old iPhone with a Bluetooth speaker and play your choice of songs. Your old iPhone can work as an iPod for you. Keep your iPhone connected to a dock 24×7 and play songs whenever you wish. You can use a high-quality iPhone dock with a speaker to eliminate the need for a separate Bluetooth speaker.

For book lovers, they can download audiobooks from different apps and listen to popular authors. Users can also use this old iPhone to download podcasts to stay updated with the latest in the world.

#4. eBook Reader

Read eBooks on old iPhone

Want some food for thought? Read your favorite eBooks on your old iPhone. Your old iPhone can be an eBook reader on which, you can read several books every day. Ask your kids to form this habit of reading as they have your old iPhone with them.

#5. Set your Daily Alarm

Use Old iPhone as a Alarm clock

With the advent of smartphones, many alarm clocks have found their way into trash cans. Even if you belong to that old school and use a traditional alarm clock, you can use your old iPhone as a convenient alarm clock. Unlike your out-dated alarm clocks, your iPhone is a smarter option as you can set multiple alarms for each day of the week. Setting up an Apple Music song on your iPhone is a convincing reason you should ditch the old alarm clock.

#6. Light up your Way

Use Old iPhone as a Torch

When it is a blackout in your area, you can use this extra iPhone as a torch to light up your way (at least you can find where you have stored candles in the basement). Note that usage of flash on your iPhone can drain its battery; you should either know how to save your iPhone battery or keep a high-quality power bank with you.

#7. Cast Contents on Apple TV and Use iPhone As a Remote

Cast Contents on Apple TV and Use Old iPhone As a Remote

If your iPhone has enough storage capacity, you can save videos and movies on the device and then cast the same contents on your Apple TV. With streaming war raged among popular services, users need to some space on their device to store TV shows, videos, and movies. Your old iPhone can be useful to place this data.

You may also use your additional iPhone as a TV remote. Although most media streaming devices come with remote control, it is a fact accepted by all that people lose or misplace the remote. Instead of buying a new remote, you can use your old iPhone as a remote. You can download the mobile app designed for that streaming service and connect your account to use your phone as a remote.

#8. Flash Drive

Use old iPhone as a Flash Drive

Is your current device running out of memory? Fret not! You can transfer some data from your existing device to your old iPhone by using this app. If your old iPhone has got a lot of storage, you can easily store your data. Since it is your old iPhone, you can delete all the data and use this space to store images, documents, movies, and music.

#9. An Advanced Dashboard in your Old Car

Use old iPhone as a Permanent Media And GPS navigation for your Car

This can be a bit crazy idea as you will have to fix your iPhone permanently in your car dashboard. Next, you can use the device as a GPS navigator. You need a reliable and high-quality iPhone car mount to use your device as a music player.

#10. Camera

Take Better Holiday Photos from your Old iPhone

Your kids would love to click photos of their vacation or holidays. Give them your old iPhone and see how they would show you their happy faces captured on the iPhone camera app. This way you can save your pocket from emptying for a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera.

11. Save the GoPro Cost

Use Your Old iPhone as a GoPro Cast

To capture your adventure trip, you wanted to buy a GoPro action camera. Hold on! With your old iPhone, you can click all your escapades easily. For this purpose, you need a durable headgear with a mount to install your iPhone. Velocity Clip offers one of the best iPhone mounts for your bike, chest, and head.

12. Your VR Headset

Use VR headsets with Old iPhone

Apple has long been working on virtual reality product, but nothing concrete has come out of its lab. Until the company introduces its VR headset, you can experience the virtual romance with the help of a headset, VR apps, and games on your old iPhone.

That’s all folks!

Summing up…

Your old iPhone finds a new purpose if you can use in any of the ways mentioned above. It saves a lot of your money; it can keep your kids happily occupied; it can provide security to your kids, pets, and home; it can entertain you in every possible way.

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