How to find your Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay


With the year running out, we can’t deny that music has been a part of our lifestyle. There are music genres we’ve come to love. But if you’re like me, there’s a chance that you still can’t keep a tab of your music preference. Don’t worry! Spotify Wrap and Apple Music Replay give year-in-review stats of your best genres, artists, podcasts, and more.

This review glints the last days of the year with memories worth keeping. Whether you use Spotify or Apple Music, or both, I’ll show you how to find your Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay 2022 stats in this post.

What is Spotify Wrapped 2022 all about?

Spotify Wrapped is the yearly round-up of users’ listening habits on the app, from podcasts to music and more. It works by creating playlists based on your 2022 streaming stats.

However, this years’ Wrapped started to unwrap on December 1. And it comes with new features besides the one that personalizes your wraps.

Ultimately, this years’ Spotify Wrapped features a wrap blend to compare your wrap with a friend’s, a guessing game where you can select the odd fact out in your listening stats, and a visualization aura to show your top music moods for the year.

Besides, personalizing your wraps using your listening stats lets you see what’s most-streamed in your region. And then it stashes them in different playlists.

While Spotify Wrapped rounds up the best music and podcasts, it only does so for months in 2022 besides December. So that means you can’t see December stats!

How to find your 2022 Spotify Wrapped

Typically, a 2022 Wrapped widget appears at the top of the Spotify mobile app. But if it doesn’t, in your case, open the Spotify app and search for “Wrapped” from the search bar. Tap 2022 Wrapped when you see the banner.

Alternatively, you can open a browser on your mobile phone and go to the Spotify 2022 Wrapped directory. Then open in-app by tapping Download Spotify to begin.

Once opened, you can view your listening history under Your 2022 Wrapped. If you don’t see any artists or songs featured in your 2022 personalized Wrapped, you’ve probably not listened to enough of them before now. That section includes an overview of the time you spent listening to specific genres or artists in 2022, among others.

Under The Top Tracks & Artists of 2022, you’ll see a slide of the world’s top tracks and songs of the year. You can also view more in-depth stats and categories when you scroll down.

For instance, you can see the most-streamed songs or artists in your region and select your country from here to see what’s topping.

And while scrolling, you’ll see 2022 Wrapped: Blend. Tap the cross widget to share your stats with friends and family on social media and compare your listening trends for 2022.

How to find your 2021 Spotify Wrapped on iPhone

Why can’t I see my Spotify wrapped?

As said earlier, you might not be able to view a cap of your 2022 listening trend if you’ve not streamed enough content on the Spotify app. But if you’re sure that you’re a consistent streamer, simply closing and re-opening Spotify might work.

Additionally, an outdated Spotify app might prevent you from viewing your personalized stats for the year. So the best solution here is to update your app. To do this, search for Spotify. You’ll see the update option if your Spotify app isn’t up to date.

What is Apple Music Replay 2022?

Apple Music Replay is similar to Spotify Wrapped in that it also gives you a review of your top songs and artists on Apple Music.

However, unlike Spotify Wrapped, it puts the stats weekly and then rounds it up into an Apple Music Replay experience. So instead of seeing your top music once every year, you get to keep a weekly track of your music trend.

How can you find your Apple Music Replay 2022 stats?

You can’t access your Apple Music Replay in-app as you would do for Spotify Wrapped. Hence, to start, you need to visit the official Apple Music page via your browser (preferably, a PC).

But before you begin, you need to switch on the Use Listening History option in your iPhone settings. To do that:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Music.
  3. Toggle on Use Listening History.

    Switch on the Use Listening History option in your iPhone settings

Once you turn on listening history, launch your browser and go to the Apple Music Replay page. If you’ve not done so already, click Sign In at the top-right and provide your Apple ID.

Next, click Get Your Replay Mix. Now sit tight as Apple generates your listening stats for the year, including how long you listened to each.

Apple Music Replay page

Once you see the list, click ADD+ to save it as a playlist.

Note: Like Spotify Wrapped, you can’t see a cap of your music stats if you’ve not streamed enough artists or songs on the platform. Additionally, these stats don’t include the music in your local library.

This story-telling behavior alone makes these music streaming services worth it. Even if you want to adopt a new music regime in the coming year, they let you keep your top songs, genres, and artists in your evergreen diary.

You can tell from these stats the music types that fascinated you more in the outgoing year. And you can always compare these stats with previous or coming years to see how dynamic your music preference is.

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