How to Convert Text to Emoji in Messages in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

With iOS 10 or later running on your iPhone or iPad, you can replace words with emojis in Messages app. Here is how you can emojify your iMessaging.

Animated, hilarious emojis are the ideal foil for the fun-loving messaging experience. Messages app for iOS 10 has ensured you can make the best use of emojis to bring the needed spice into the play. Case in point, the option to convert text to emoji in Messages for iPhone and iPad is exactly what you would wish to cheer up your iMessaging time.

So, what about sending an emojified message to your friend right now? The best thing about it is that it doesn’t involve too many steps. Let’s give it a go!

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How to Replace Text to Emoji in Messages App on iPhone

How to Replace Words with Emojis in Messages for iPhone and iPad

Note: Your iPhone must be running iOS 10 or later to use this cool feature.

Step #1. Launch Messages app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Next, choose the contact to which you want to send an emojified message.

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Step #3. Now, tap on the text field.

Step #4. Next, type in any message.

Draft Message on iPhone

One thing you need to know that only the words which have compatible emojis will be emojified. As for instance, car, love etc.

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Step #5. Tap on the emoji button at the bottom.

Tap on Emoji in Messages App on iPhone

Step #6. All the eligible words will be highlighted with orange color.

Emoji Supported Words Highlight in iPhone Message App

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Step #7. You need to simply touch the particular word that you want to convert into emoji.

Change Text to Emoji in iMessages App on iPhone

Step #8. Once you have replaced words into emojis, send the message as usual.

Replace Words with Emojis in Messages for iPhone

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That’s done!

Now, use this tip to send more emojified iMessage to your friends.

Messages app for iOS 10 has got lots of brand new features which bring a lot of fun into the iMessaging experience. For example, Digital Touch, Handwritten message, Tapbacks and 3X emojis are really great for a fabulous messaging time. You would want to take a look at this complete guide to use Messages for iOS 10 smartly.

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