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How to Change Distance Units from Miles to KM on Apple Watch Workout App

How to Change Distance Units on Apple Watch Workout

Apple Watch has primarily been criticized as a shadow of iPhone as the smartwatch is not able to perform many functions on its own. For three major functions of iPhone – make & receive calls, send & receive messages, and send & receive emails – the Apple Watch has to rely on the primary source, i.e. iPhone.

However, barring these few minuses, Apple Watch has received good response from users worldwide. Health conscious people have a special liking for this smartwatch as it boasts an excellent health app that helps you measure all your fitness activities.

For regular runners and joggers, measuring the distance is crucial as it is in direct proportion to the calorie they lose every day. But not everybody likes to measure the distance in miles; apart from the United Kingdom and the United States, where distance is measured in miles, most of the world uses kilometer as the measurement unit. Apple Watch, by default, measures distance in miles and therefore, you need to change distance unit from mile to kilometer on your Apple Watch workout.

How to Change Distance Units from Miles to Kilometer on Apple Watch Workout

Step #1. Press gently on the crown to bring up all apps on your Apple Watch face.

Step #2. Tap on Workout icon.

Tap on Workout Icon in Apple Watch

You can see number of fitness activities on the screen: outdoor walk, indoor walk, outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor & indoor cycle as well.

List of Workout Activies on Apple Watch

Step #3. Tap on any workout type you do regularly.

Tap on Daily Workout Activity on Apple Watch

For example, you have tapped on outdoor walk on Apple Watch screen. Now swipe from right to left until you reach Distance goal screen for outdoor walk.

Step #4. On this screen, hard press with your finger or thumb.

Two options will appear: MI and KM.

Distance Units on Apple Watch Workout App

Step #5. Tap on KM to change the distance unit.

Now you can measure your outdoor walk workout type in kilometers. However, other workout types will not reflect this change. If you wish, you need to follow the above steps separately on each workout activity on your Apple Watch. It goes without saying that you can measure different workout types in different distance units.

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