Change or Remove WhatsApp Payment Bank Account on iPhone or Android [How-to]

WhatsApp lets you conveniently manage your bank account. Case in point, you can easily remove your WhatsApp Payment bank account or change your default bank account for sending/receiving money using your iPhone or Android device. Walk through this quick guide to find out more!

Managing WhatsApp payment is made to be pretty straightforward! For instance, you can comfortably delete or change your default WhatsApp Payment bank account on your iPhone or Android.

As a user, you would like to have the needed control over your account. And the popular messaging app has ensured that you are always in full command.

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How to Change or Remove WhatsApp Payment Bank Account on iPhone or Android

How to Delete or Change Default WhatsApp Payment Bank Account on iPhone and Android

How to Change Your Default WhatsApp Payment Bank Account Bank Account on iPhone or Android

No longer want to use any bank account as the default option for WhatsApp Payment? Well, you can easily make any of your bank accounts as the default option.

Assuming you have already added more than one bank accounts for WhatsApp Payment. (If you haven’t; open WhatsApp on your iPhone → Settings tab in WhatsApp → Select Payments → Add New Account. On Your Android device, open WhatsApp → tap on three dots at the top right → tap on Payments → Add New Account.) Here is the detailed guide.

Step #1. Open WhatsApp → Tap on Settings from the Bottom → Tap on Payments.

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Step #2. Now, tap on your bank account you want to make Primary.

Tap on Bank Account You want To Make Primary in WhatsApp

Step #3. Finally, tap on Set as primary account.

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How to Remove the Bank Account Linked to WhatsApp Payment on iPhone and Android

Step #1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile device.

Step #2. On your iPhone, tap on the Settings tab at the bottom (On your Android device, tap on the three dots at top right corner.) Now, select Payments.

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Step #3. Next up, tap on your bank account.

Tap on Bank Account You want To Make Primary in WhatsApp

Step #4. Up next, tap on Remove Bank Account and confirm.

Remove Bank Account from WhatsApp Payment on iPhone

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That’s done!

Over to You

So, that’s the easy way to manage your bank accounts. Have any feedback? Share it in the comments.

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