Change Default Direction Type in Apple Maps on iPhone/iPad [How to]

After several acquisitions and major revamps, Apple Maps is now one of the most-used and popular maps apps on the iPhone/iPad. Besides the general-purpose locations, people use Apple Maps mostly to get directions.

Apple Maps always shows you driving directions by default. But what if you want to avoid driving and get walking directions instead? Apple Maps lets you change the preferred direction type.

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How to Change the Default Direction Type in Apple Maps on Your iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Go to the Settings app.

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Maps.

Step #3. Now, under the Preferred Directions, tap on Walking.

How to Change Apple Maps to Show Walking Directions By Default on iPhone and iPad

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Step #4. Exit settings.

Step #5. If you have Maps open in the background, quit it too. (Swipe it from the switcher to close it completely.)

Step #6. Now, re-open Maps and search for directions between two points. You should see walking directions instead of driving. All measurements are also now changed to walking.

Walking direction type will be set to default until you change it to Driving direction.

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Apple Maps hasn’t yet shown any superiority to Google Maps but the 3D flyovers is a feature that no one else seems to have mastered yet.

Also, with iOS 8, Apple has also introduced public transits for most major cities. However, it’s access to data in second and third-world countries is far from enough. (Google has been in this niche for over 6 years now and that establishes it at the top of the game.)

Apple Maps also has a new Flyover City Tour feature that has been introduced in iOS 8. Users who are using the iOS 8 beta can check out how to access the new flyover city tour feature here.

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