People like making friends on Facebook. Some Facebook users even wish to have more friends than anyone else just to show how popular they are on this social site. After all, who doesn’t want to have thousands of friends! However, there are many occasions you have to unfriend or completely block a Facebook friend due to personal reasons.

Should you wish to block or unfriend people on iPhone or iPad, here is how you can do so. But before you move on with the process, you should know the subtle difference between blocking and unfriend people in Facebook.

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How to Block and Unfriend People in Facebook On iPhone and iPadUnfriend: When you unfriend someone on Facebook, he will still be able to view your profile and can even send you friend request.

Block: When you block someone on Facebook, he won't be able to view your profile and can’t send you friend request either.

Most Facebook users may not be able to distinguish between Unfriend and Block as both slightly sound to do similar function. However, they do have a lot of difference.

How to Block People in Facebook On iPhone or iPad

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Step #1. Launch Facebook app.

Step #2. Tap on More from the bottom right corner.

Tap More Button in Facebook iPhone AppStep #3. Scroll down and tap on Settings under Settings.

Tap on Facebook Settings in iDeviceStep #4. Tap on Blocking.

Tap on Blocking in iPhone Facebook AppStep #5. Enter the name or the email of the person you want to block.

Block People in Facebook On iPhone and iPadStep #6. Tap on Block.

That’s done! In the event that you wish to change your mind and want to unblock this person, you will see his/her name right here under Blocked users. Then you can tap on Unblock in front of his name to allow him to be your friend again.

How to Unfriend People In Facebook

Here is how you can unfriend a Facebook friend, if you don’t want to completely block him. Remember, the person can still see your profile, view your photos and even send your friend request.

Step #1. Launch Facebook app.

Step #2. Tap on More from the bottom right corner.

Step #3. Tap on Friends under Favorites.

Tap on Friends in Facebook iPhone App SettingsStep #4. A list will appear tap on Friends.

Tap on Friends in Facebook SettingsAlternatively,

Step #4. Search the friend you want to unfriend and tap on Friends.

Step #5. Tap on Unfriend.

Unfriend People In Facebook on iPhoneThat’s it!

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