How to Block iMessages and FaceTime Calls on Mac

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There are people on this earth who take sadistic pleasure in pestering others, and the phone is the best tool to annoy somebody; if you frequently receive such prank calls or if somebody abuses you on phone, there is a way you can block such pranksters. But what if you want to block a FaceTime call and iMessages on the Mac? We have a solution for this too.

How to Block iMessages on Mac

Step #1. Click on Messages on your Mac from the dock.

Open iMessage App on Mac

Step #2. Sign in with your Apple ID.

Sign Into iMessage on Mac

Step #3. Now click on Messages from the top menu.

Click on iMessages from Main Menu on Mac

Step #4. Select and click Preferences.

Click on Message Preferences in Mac

Step #5. Click on your accounts → Click  on your Apple ID.

Click on Your Apple ID in iMessage App in Mac

Step #6. Click on Blocked tab next to Settings.

Step #7. Now click on “+” symbol.

Add Contacts to Block in iMessage on Mac

Step #8. Now add contact/s you want to block from your Contacts.

Please note that this action will block all methods of contact for a particular person you have blocked.

How to Unblock iMessages on Mac

You can unblock the contact by selecting the blocked contacts and clicking on the “-” sign.

Unblock iMessage Contacts on Mac

FaceTime is an amazing feature on iPhone; but when somebody frequently annoys you by making FaceTime calls, you need to block such calls. This app has been used by users since 2010 when Apple launched it’s iPhone 4.

How to Block FaceTime Calls on Mac

Step #1. Click on the FaceTime app from the dock.

Open FaceTime App on Mac

You can see a list of callers under the search bar. If you have a number of callers, you can use a search bar to search a name, email or number.

Step #2. Search the caller you want to block.

Search FaceTime Contacts in Mac

Step #3. Now right click on the caller name. Caller info card will appear with five options: FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Remove from Recent, Block this Caller, and Show contact card.

Step #4. Click on Block this Caller.

Click on Block This Caller in FaceTime App on Mac

This will block the FaceTime caller.

To unblock the caller, right-click the contact name and click on Unblock this caller.

Unblock Caller in FaceTime App on Mac

That’s all!

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