How to Add Filter to Video on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13

A little tweak in a video can immensely change the end result. By far, iOS didn’t have a feature to edit videos like a pro. And it was never easier to edit videos without any video editing apps. But now, with iOS 13, the Photos app has taken a different curve all along. It has the most stunning features once you move on to editing photos and videos.

To be very honest, I loved the Photos app of all other features introduced in iOS 13. The reason being is to apply the desired filter to a video on your iPhone and to turn a live photo into video as well! That wasn’t possible in iOS 12; of course, it was possible to apply filters to photos but not videos.

So are you excited to see how you can apply a filter to video in iOS 13? Let’s get started!

How to Put a Filter on Your Video on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 13/iPadOS 13

Step #1. Launch Photos app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on Albums, scroll down to select Videos option in the media types section. Or just tap on Photos to explore the complete library (that’s a time-consuming process).

Tap on Videos in iOS 13 Photos app

Step #3. Select the desired video on which you want to apply filter and tap on Edit from the top right corner of your iPhone screen.

Select the video and tap on Edit in iOS 13 Photos app

Step #4. Tap on Photos app Filter iconFilters icon which looks like a Venn diagram.

Tap on Filter icon to Add Filter to Video on iPhone in iOS 13

Step #5. Nine filters are available in which you can get a preview on tapping each filter. Now adjust the horizontal dial that’s exactly below the applied filter to get the best output as per your editing needs.

Put a filter on a video in iOS 13

Step #6. Once you have applied a perfect shade of a filter, tap on Done on the bottom right corner.

Tap on Done to Apply Filter to Video on iPhone in iOS 13

If you aren’t happy with the edits, you can simply tap on Cancel button on the bottom left corner and start again from step #3 to #6.

You’re all set to apply a filter in a video just like a pro. Adjust the filter intensity, try different filters that suit your video and background scenes, adjust the video length, etc all together are some of the best features introduced in the Photos app in iOS 13.

Closing Thoughts!

That’s all about adding a filter to a video in the iOS 13 Photos app. So do let us know in comments regarding which filters do you love to use on your video edits.

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