How to Add Dropbox to the Sidebar in Finder on Mac

How to Add Dropbox to Sidebar in Finder on Mac

Dropbox has been my preferred cloud-based storage system for quite some time. Whether it’s sharing files with other devices or sending large files, it makes the task very easy. Better still, it has been designed to work on any platform like iOS and macOS Sierra.

Just a couple of days back, I found Dropbox missing from Favorites in Finder. It took me some time to bring it back in the sidebar under Favorites. The prime reason why I like to keep Dropbox in Favorites is to be able to access it a bit easily. Here is how you can quickly add this cloud-based app to Favorites in Finder on your Mac.

How to Add Dropbox to Favorites in Finder Sidebar on your Mac

Step #1. First off, open Finder on your Mac.

Step #2. Next, you need to click on the drive, in this case, Macintosh HD.

Click on Drive in Finder on Mac

Step #3. Now, you have to click on Users.

Click on Users in macOS Sierra on Mac

Step #4. Click on your Username.

Click on Your Mac Username in macOS Sierra on Mac

Step #5. Finally, you need to locate the Dropbox folder and drag it to the sidebar under Favorites.

Add Dropbox to Favorite in macOS Sierra on Mac

That’s it!

If you wish to remove DropBox from finder sidebar, right click on DropBox and click on “Remove from Sidebar.”

Remove Dropbox From Finder Sidebar on Mac

There are a number of popular cloud storage services like OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, iCloud Drive (only for Apple ecosystem). However, Dropbox is found to be the most user-friendly by a lot of users.

One of the reasons why it excels is that it works seamlessly on Macs, PCs, iOS and Android. The hassle-free sharing across devices gives it an edge over others.

You can quickly set it up. Better still, it lets you access your files from Dropbox’s website or Dropbox applications for Mac, iOS effortlessly.

It provides free storage up to 2GB and $10/month for 1TB.

Which is your favorite cloud-based services and why? Share your views about it.

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  1. THANK YOU!!!! Dropbox disappeared from my Finder and I couldn’t figure it out despite MULTIPLE searches. I am a baby boomer clinician and not a technology person. I just need to drive the computer like my car. There is so much that is not intuitive for us technology immigrants.
    Thanks very much for a simple step by step solution!!!

  2. This may not have happened to others, but I don’t want Dropbox to be listed under “Favorites” in my Mac sidebar, yet if I remove it, upon restart, not only has it added itself back in, but it’s migrated to be the topmost entry, above “Desktop”, “Applications”, or the User folder. Can’t seem to stop this behavior – wonder if anyone else is experiencing it. I”ve emailed Dropbox, waiting to hear back.

  3. Maybe you can try the following: Click on Dropbox in the Mac menu bar, click on your profile picture, go to Preferences. Now, in the Preferences window, under General, where it says Open Folders in, select Dropbox desktop app (instead of Finder).

  4. I have the same problem of depbox reappearing when I have removed it from favourites. It is incredibly annoying. Dropbox is not a “favourite” for me on any level.

  5. Sorry to hear that. It seems this is a flaw from Dropbox’s side so there’s nothing you can do to fix it.

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