How to Add Caption to Photos and Videos on iPhone / iPad

how to add caption to photos on iphone or ipad

Our iPhone & iPad is usually packed with tons and tons of images. And finding the right photo in the nick of time is definitely hard. But what if we can add captions to our photos right from our iPhone and easily search them like any files or documents later? Thanks to a neat addition in iOS 14, you can now add captions to your photos and videos and then search them across your Apple Devices easily.

How to Add Caption in Photo or Video in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Amazingly, the new feature does not only support Photos, but it is also applicable for all content in the Photos app.

So, you can add captions to all the photos, Live Photos & videos in your Photos app.

  1. Open Photos app and select the photo you want to caption
  2. Now, slightly pull up the photo to reveal the ‘Add a Caption’ photos app tap on picture and then tap add a caption
  3. Tap on the bar and type-in the caption.
  4. After adding the caption, Tap on Done.add caption to photos on iphone running ios 14

It is really that simple to add a caption to your photos. What’s interesting is there is no word limit as such. You can choose to right a mere title to the image or add an essay if you please.

How to Edit or Delete Caption in Photos App on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Photos app and select the photo you want to edit the caption
  2. Now, slightly pull up the photo to reveal the Caption bar
  3. Here you can simply edit or delete the caption and then tap on Done.
edit caption of photos on iphone

As per Apple, if the iCloud Photos is enabled the caption will sync seamlessly across all your devices. This also implies that you can search for the image for all synced devices.

  1. Open Photos app and select the Search Tab from the Bottom menu.

    If you are using an iPad, invoke the sidebar and then choose Search Tab.
  2. Here, type in the caption or key terms related to it
  3. The iOS device will show relevant images, check out the Captions section to find your photos with captions on iphone

Adding a caption to every single or important image does sound a bit tedious. But see how easier it is to search for your photos.

You can also AirDrop images with their captions. Select the Share icon, then tap on Options from the top of the page. Here, ensure that the toggle beside Captions & All Photos Data is On.

tap on share and tap on options to check captions and photos data is enabled

And then AirDrop as you normally would.

tap on airdrop and choose device to send photo

Moreover, the caption field is not just restricted to your device, it will reflect in the Photo’s description field whenever you check the metadata of the image. So, it’s an all-round win-win situation.

Signing Off 

While a very teeny-tiny feature, it can come quite handy. Especially if you are one of those who have thousands of photos and often refer back to them for work or personal purposes.

To further simplify the task of organizing & searching through the Photos app, iOS 14 also enables label search. Now you can filter your collection by Favorites, Edited, Videos, and Photos.

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