The Internet is filled with rumors and news on Apple ditching the 3.5mm jack in the next iPhone 7. But for now, we still have a plenty of time to explore the headphone shortcuts that will ease your job while your iPhone or iPad is locked or in your pockets.

The headphone you got with your iPhone or iPad are capable of delivering a lot of tasks with just a few clicks on it. These shortcuts also work with other third-party headphones, as long as they have a mic and speaker hardware integrated. The interesting feature is that these shortcuts work like a charm on Mac as well. So why wait? Just check the list of shortcuts given below.

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Secret iPhone Earphones Shortcuts

Twelve Headphone Click Shortcuts to Control your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

#1. Play/Pause: A single click on the headphone will play the soundtrack while clicking again will pause the same.

#2. Skip a song: Double click the button on your headphone in quick succession to skip a song.

#3. Play previous track: In order to play the previous track, all you need to do is to triple click the button on headphone in quick succession.

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#4. Fast forward any track: If you wish to jump to the middle of any currently playing track, just double press and hold the button on headphone. Leave the button once you have reached the point.

#5. Rewind a track: Same like fast forwarding a track, you can rewind as well by triple clicking and holding the button on your headphone.

#6. Answer or hang up a call: If you receive any call, you just need to press the button once to receive the call. When your conversation has ended, just press the button again to hang up.

#7. Switch between calls: If you are having two calls at a time, single click on the button to switch between them.

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#8. Reject a call: If you are in a meeting and you cannot receive the call, just press and hold the button to reject it. Two beeps will confirm that the call has been rejected.

#9. Hanging up current call: When on multiple calls, just double click and hold the button to hang up the active call. Same like rejecting a call, you’ll receive a confirmation with two beeps.

#10. Activating Siri: To activate Siri, just press and hold the button on headsets.

#11. Having a talk with Siri: After Siri is activated, you can single click the button on headset to ask Siri any other question.

#12. Capturing picture: Press the volume up button on your headset while the Camera app is open to capture the picture. This is very useful while taking a selfie.

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Which one is your favorite shortcut from the list? Share it in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.