Extract Zip Files On Your iPhone/iPad: Unzip Apps for iOS

Before you send any heavy file via email, you need to compress it in your iOS device. But which zip and unzip apps should you use? Here is a list of apps, which can extract zip files and unzip the same.

The iPhone is a great smartphone that can do a variety of things. However, there are a few things which you cannot do it. One of them is to open zip files: there no stock app or feature that lets you open/extract zip files. And so, if you wish to open the zip file on your iPhone/iPad, you’ll have to rely on third-party apps.

Update: With iOS 12, Apple introduced Shortcuts app, and you can use this app to zip and unzip files on your iPhone and iPad.

Fortunately, there are many free and paid apps in the App Store that will help you to extract zip files right on your iPhone/iPad. Here’s a bunch of these:

How to Unzip Compressed files On the iPhone/iPad Using Zip Extractor Apps for iOS

Before we dive into the list, here’s a simple tip to open zip files using these apps.

#1. Locate the zip file on your iPhone/iPad. Usually, attachments in the mail app might be zip files. Or you might have zip files in your Dropbox/iCloud Drive folder. Tap on the zip file (or just select it) and then tap on the share icon.

#2. Now, tap on Open In… from the options and select the appropriate app to open and extract the contents of the zip file.

#1. WinZip

WinZip iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

While the paid versions of the WinZip app are extraordinarily built to handle zip files, for most users, the free version of the app is more than enough. When you open a zip file, it automatically extracts the zip file and displays the contents. You do not need to extract it manually. The only drawback of the app is that it is ad-supported and has minor hiccups in the interface. Otherwise, it’s a good app to use.

Price: Free

#2. Zip & RAR File Extractor

Zip & RAR File Extractor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Zip & RAR File Extractor is a good app, but it does not open zip files automatically. When you open a zip file in this app, it only imports it. You tap on the file within the app to extract the contents. It is also ad-supported, and the full-screen ads are kind of annoying. The paid version gets rid of the ads.

Price: Free

#3. iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar Tool

iZip Zip Unzip Unrar Tool for iPhone and iPad

Ask your friends in the business about any app to zip or unzip files, and they would recommend you iZip. With this app, you can unzip files, which are password protected and AES encrypted. You can unzip many compressed files with different formats.

It is one of the most advanced zip file management tools in the world as it can open files directly from iCloud, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and Box.

Price: Free

#4. Zip Browser

Zip Browser iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Zip Browser is a quick, minimalist zip extractor for the iPhone/iPad. Basic features include fast extraction, good support for a variety of zip formats and a built-in document viewer. An in-app purchase (for Pro upgrade) will unlock many more features like searching within a zip. It’s a cool app that just works fine.

Price: Free

#5. FastZip – ZIP, unZIP, and RAR

FastZip – ZIP, unZIP and RAR iPhone App Screenshot

The FastZip – ZIP, unZIP, and RAR are just like WinZip app. Once you select the app to open a file, it will extract zip files directly. It has a very simple interface. You can share your files with other media/apps as well through this app.

Price: Free

That’s all, mate!

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