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We've all been in that spot where you have a ton of notes stored on your Mac OS X and no way to export it as text or html. The iCloud sync option lets you seamlessly use Notes between your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but you still can't “export”.

Fortunately, there are a few options that you can use. Third-party apps come in handy (and it also looks like right now, that's the only way to export your notes.)

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How to Export Notes in Mac OS X

How to Export Notes as Text in Mac OS X

Notes Exporter from Writeapps works wonderfully where it comes to exporting notes as .txt. It's a small app that you can install and run right away. There are no configurations or settings to tweak.

When you run Notes Exporter, it reads all the individual notes you have stored in the Notes.app. It then exports each note as a .txt file and saves it in a separate folder under your home folder.

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The best thing is it's free.

Download Notes Exporter here.

At the time of writing this, the website isn't loading. We've uploaded the installer here If the official website is not accessible, use our link.

How to Export Notes as HTML in Mac OS X

This one is for the nerds. If you'd rather have your notes exported in the .html format, you should check out Notes Export.

Notes Export has one little “configurability”: you can pick the folder to export the notes to. The app will then comb through all the notes in Notes.app and export each of them as simple html files. All these files will be saved in the folder you choose.

Download Notes Export

Notes Export is both free and open-source. So, if you're the nerd that tinkers with code, you can do that to Notes Export.

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Unlike Notes Exporter (the first one), Notes Export is not available as an installer. Instead, you will have to manually unzip and copy-paste the Notes.app folder. If you're not familiar with this, you can download and grab Notes Export from it. It's perfectly safe so don't worry about malware.

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  • grym

    thanks a lot! And as andre crouch said it’s really fucked up that you have to use a third party app! But really thanks a lot ;)

  • Andre Crouch

    THANK YOU!! This works great and I was kinda fucked up without it