The Most Essential iPad Mini Accessories You Should Have

Except the experience, everything else about the iPad Mini is small. Obviously, it’s meant to be the bridge between a smartphone and a tablet in terms of portability. Smartphones are meant to be enormously portable; tablets are good for mobility too but they’re a little cumbersome. That’s where the iPad Mini scores well.

Naturally, when you speak of iPad Mini accessories, you’ve got to focus on function. Many people are tempted by the looks and apparent features of accessories but the smart ones take a different route.

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If you’ve got an iPad Mini, chances are high that you value “small” things more and are in favor of good portability and mobility. While there are countless iPad Mini accessories already on sale, very few come up as a really functional extension of the device. We’re taking a look at such essential accessories for iPad Mini that are truly minimal, simple, portable and enormously useful.

5 Essential Accessories for iPad Mini:

1. iPad Mini Case

Wool Sleeve for iPad Mini

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This is obvious. You got an iPad Mini; the next thing you need on your list is an iPad Mini case. The market is inundated with countless iPad Mini cases but the ones that caught our attention are not the usual leathery, professional folios.

A startlingly simple but very strong bamboo and wool case from Grove is what gets the deal here. It’s designed to meet the function very specifically: the case is strong, durable, well-designed, with soft interiors to protect the iPad Mini and a very durable make.

Price: $59
Product: Wool Sleeve for iPad Mini

2. iPad Mini Keypad+Case

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ZAGGkeys MINI 9 Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

With the iPad power users, the need for a keypad was felt quick. I am not sure if users would really work on their iPad Minis so vigorously (as compared to iPad) but then, there’s always exceptions.

The ZAGGKeys Mini is one of the best examples of an iPad Mini case with a keypad. It’s a clearly designed case featuring a fantastic Bluetooth keypad. The “island-style” design offers a very easy typing experience and the case, holding the iPad Mini, is quite strong, made up of very durable and sturdy shell.

Product: ZAGGKeys Mini Keyboard Case for iPad Mini
Price: $99 ($49.95 on Amazon)

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3. Mini Speakers

Philips SoundShooter Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Almost everyone loves music and the iPad Mini, I am guessing, would be an equally strong music playback device as the iPad or the iPhone. People are going to listen to music on the iPad Mini’s stereo speakers but having a separate set of mini speakers would be an amazing experience.

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There are plenty of options from Bose, JBL and other brands, but taking the route of the cost-effective here, we found that the Philips SoundShooter is as good as any other. At 3W sound power rating, we have a mini speaker that’s loud enough but not to a level where the sound gets too jarred or loud for discomfort. It’s the perfect companion for your iPad Mini – especially for those indoor parties and late-night musicals.

Price: $49.95 ($39.90 on Amazon while writing this.)
Buy it from

4. Power Adapter

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

Apple’s Power Adapter – the recent 12W one – is kind of a little boon. This one’s a little more powerful than the older 10W adapters so you can expect faster charging. The Apple Power Adapter 12W is compatible with the entire gamut of iDevices including the iPad Mini and is one of the safest chargers you can get.

Product: Apple 12W USB Power Adapter
Price: $19

5. Lenses!

Photojojo Phone Lens Series

Okay, this one’s enormously cool. What if you could take fish-eye, wide-angle/telephoto and macro photos using your iPad Mini? No, really! A cool little piece of a gadget that appears to be expensive for the size can get you stunning macro, telephoto and fish-eye photos instantly!

That’s what Photojojo is all about. A set of three lenses (which can be bought individually too) can make you an instant photographer of the professional type. Well, even otherwise, the lenses are hot and fantastic.

Price: $49 (pack of three) | $25 (individually)
Buy it from

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