Best 11-inch iPad Pro Keyboard Cases: Ideal for Seamless Typing Experience

When it comes to providing smooth typing, the following collection of the top keyboard cases for iPad Pro 11-inch are much better than their counterparts. Find out which one looks perfect for your iPad Pro!

What’s an iPad Pro without an elegant keyboard case? Nothing but a good tablet without an X-factor. Keeping in mind the high demand, I’ve taken a peek at some of the best 11-inch iPad Pro 2018 keyboard cases (available in the market right now). And they have looked well-timed for the power-packed iPad!

I prefer a pro-looking keyboard case with aesthetic design. Aside from tactile keys and form-fitting design, I want to see a bit of cushion to disperse random shock. Another must-have feature for me is the comfy grip. What about you? Navigate through my top keyboard cases for the iPad Pro 11-inch and shoot your thoughts!

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Best iPad Pro 11-inch Keyboard Cases

#1. IVSO

IVSO 11-inch iPad Pro Keyboard Case

Should you wish to get a good-looking keyboard case for your iPad Pro without breaking the bank, go for this offering from IVSO. I like its compact design that keeps the elegance of the tablet intact.

The PU leather exterior offers enhanced grip, while the soft microfiber interior endows it the needed cushion to absorb shock. And with the useful stand, you have a seamless typing experience.

As for keys, they are just fine and should make your typing easy-going. The cutouts are precise and there is also a holder to ensure your Apple Pencil remains secure. Moreover, IVSO keyboard case comes in six nice-looking colors such as black, gold, blue, red and more.

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USP: Simple and compact design
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#2. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 11-inch

If you can travel a bit farther in favor of a top-notch build and an enhanced typing experience, Apple Smart Keyboard Folio can be a great pick.

What I like the most about this case is the full-size keyboard that’s designed to let you type more smoothly. The keys are pretty smooth and responsive, allowing your finger to go about the business with ease.

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Another quality that makes it stand out is that it doesn’t require charging. With the solid build, the cover can withstand minor falls. Thanks to the reliable stand functionality, it provides comfortable viewing angles.

USP: Best typing experience
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#3. Luibor

Luibor iPad Pro 11-inch Keyboard Case

Luibor presents a cheap yet impressive keyboard case for your iPad. I’ve found the case up to the mark both in terms of design and typing.

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The blend of soft microfiber and PU leather has given it a sophisticated look. However, the cover can be entrusted to endure low impact.

The kickstand comes in very handy in providing improved viewing angle. With the Apple Pencil holder and auto ON/OFF support, it takes care of your basic needs pretty well.

And yes, the ability to offer up to 60 hours of work time makes it a safe bet for regular usage. What’s more, you will be able to pick out this affordable keyboard case in five colors like red, rose gold, blue and more.

USP: Sophisticated design
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#4. Fintie

Fintie iPad Pro 11-inch Keyboard Case

There are three qualities that make Fintie a decent contender for your iPad Pro. First and foremost, the cover has a durable construction that provides the needed safeguard against accidental bumps.

The second, anti-slip grooves ensure you have stable viewing angles. So, expect both your typing and media watching to be a better experience.

The third, it has case has a holder for Apple Pencil and it also allows the digital pen to get powered up wirelessly. Lastly, you can pick out this cheapest ($27.99) keyboard case in two colors like black and composition book.

USP: Anti-slip grooves for multiple viewing angles
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#5. YiMiky

YiMiky Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11-inch

For multiple reasons, YiMiky seems to be one of the better picks. First and foremost, the cover has a simple form-fitting design. The PU leather with the rubber-lined interior offers it the needed cushion to disperse shock.

The second, layout of the keyboard makes it more comfortable to type. And with the seven backlit colors, you can type even easily even in the low-lit environments.

And the third, you can use the stable stand to keep the tablet steady while typing or watching media. Plus, YiMiky comes in multiple colors such as black, dark blue, light brown, etc.

USP: Seven backlit colors
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#6. TechCode

TechCode iPad Pro 11-inch Keyboard Case

TechCode keyboard cover appears to be more pragmatic than many of its counterparts. The low-profile design makes it better suit for a formal outing.

Soft and rubbery interior coupled with the durable PU leather exterior play the major role in helping the cover withstand impact. Backlit buttons don’t allow darkness to come in the way of your typing.

Magnetic cover with auto sleep/wake feature maximizes the battery life of your tablet. Furthermore, TechCode is available in four colors including black, red, dark blue and orange.

USP: Professional design
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#7. Leegoal

Leegoal Keyboard Case for iPad 11-inch

For a keyboard case that’s priced at just $35.99, Leegoal seems to be a reasonable deal. With the 78 keys layout and, it’s up to the mark for typing.

The blend of rugged PC and ABS material empower the case to absorb shock. Therefore, your iPad can come out safely from regular bumps.

The front cover has been designed in a way that it can work efficiently as a stand for the iPad. So, both your typing and video watching should be convenient.

USP: Full-size keyboard with 78 keys layout
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CHOETECH iPad Pro 11-inch Keyboard Case

CHOETECH’s keyboard case doesn’t have the look of a premium cover. However, as far as functionality is concerned, it can beat out many of its expensive peers.

The laptop-style keyboard does make typing less hassle-free. So, you shouldn’t have any problem in creating some quick notes and even writing a small story on the move.

The TPU shell provides it the needed strength to survive shock, while the PU leather makes it a lot comfy for your hands to hold the iPad. And there is also a stylus holder to offer a safe place for Apple Pencil.

USP: Laptop-style keyboard
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KVAGO Keyboard Case for iPad 11-inch

KVAGO has got a slim design and also offers you the flexibility to remove the keyboard when you want to get rid of the bulk. The keyboard has smooth and tactile keys making it a lot easier for you to write emails or even create a short piece for the presentation.

The backlit keys come into the play when the darkness creeps in, and you still want to finish out your task. Front cover can be fine-tuned for multiple viewing angles depending on your activity.

Though I don’t expect much from this thin cover, scratches and minor falls won’t be able to hurt your iPad.

USP: Seven-color backlit keys
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That’s all, folks! As always, share your valuable inputs about the above cases and which one looks timed for your iPad Pro 11.

Stay Tuned for More…

Apple’s keyboard case does look superior on several fronts. And if you want to have a seamless experience, it should be the way to go.

However, the third-party keyboard cases shouldn’t be underestimated. Despite being available at a much lower price, they offer a decent typing experience.

As and when more accessory makers introduce covers for the 2018 iPad Pro, we’ll keep updating this post to include more top-notch options. So, remain tuned in with us.

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