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iGBAccessoriesESR Foldable Wireless Charger for iPhone 11 Pro Max

ESR Foldable Wireless Charger for iPhone 11 Pro Max

I prefer a wireless charger for my iPhone 11 Pro Max over the wired one as it helps me keep my desk uncluttered and spacious. Finding a perfect wireless charger is a bit challenging. Because a premium wireless charger makes a big hole in users’ pockets and a cheap one comes with performance issues.

Thankfully, ESR has bridged this gap. About a week ago I received ESR wireless charger review unit. And following are my findings after using it for a week.

ESR Foldable Wireless Charging Stand: QI Certified Charger for iPhone and Android

One of the most important things about this charger is the price. I know I am breaking the sequence of writing an ideal review, but if you check wireless chargers made by top-notch brands, you will hardly find one with less than $40 price tag. After glancing through other features, you can take your judgment.

ESR Foldable Wireless Charger for Smarphones

Neat and Clean Design

Design is the first thing anyone notices when they open the box. And this helps in forming an opinion about the product. So when I got the package and unboxed it, I was in awe as I hold a foldable charger in my hands.

The horizontal and vertical placement of your device gives you better convenience. Whether you are at the office or work from home, you can always keep your phone close to you. It is an excellent combination of stand and pad. And you can adjust the angle when you use stand mode to charge your device.

ESR Wireless Charger in Standing Mode

While using the charger, you may rest assured that your device is secure. For greater stability, ESR has used non-slip padding, which ensures a firm grip to the surface. This allows you to use the charger in stand and pad mode without having to worry about shakes or slips.

The Body

Although ESR has manufactured a lightweight charger, it is a rugged piece that protects your device. When you place your phone on the charger, it nearly sticks to it and does not shake. This ensures constant charging of your smartphone without any hiccup.

Charging iPhone on ESR Wireless Charger

Usually, a sturdy material likely to make a hefty product. This is not the case with ESR’s wireless charger. It is not one of those hefty chargers, which are difficult to carry. However, this charger can endure the weight of your beast – iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S20, or Galaxy Note 10.

Technical Features

ESR has manufactured a dual coil charger that allows you to place your devices comfortably on the pad. However, you should place your iPhone in the center; and not either left or right.

Put iPhone on ESR Wireless Charning Stand

Qi-charging standard is equipped with advanced safety features that quickly detect foreign objects. Moreover, the charger safeguards your device against overcurrent, over-voltage, and overheating.

ESR Wireless Chager Compatibility

There are two charging modes: 10W and 7.5W.

10W is for premium Android phones like,

  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10

7.5W charges your iOS devices like,

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8

Travel-friendly Charger

Since the charger is loaded with appealing aesthetics, you would like to carry it around, even if you are traveling somewhere. I was surprised to find a lightweight product that weighs merely 6.1 ounces. A closer look reveals its other dimensions – 6.3 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches.

ESR Wireless Charger on Floor

Before you go anywhere, you can pack this charger in its box or use any travel kit bags. It is a bit bulkier than your smartphones, but is not at all heavier; hence, you can always take this charger with you during your trips.


If your device is wrapped in a magnetic case, you should not place it on the pad. Take that case off and then charge your phone. However, the charger is friendly with other cases, which are not thicker than 5mm.

This feature gives you much relief from installing and removing the protective cases from your smartphones.

Miscellaneous Features

Explore the full potential of this charger by connecting its USB-C cable to a wall charger or you can also connect it to your Mac. Note that the default charging cable has USB-A, which you need to insert in your computer.

Three things to take care of…

  • Cases thicker than 5mm may hinder the charging
  • If the charger overheats, remove your phone and place it back once the charger cools down
  • The charger needs protection against water and other liquids

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Final Words…

Go for it! AT this price, it isn’t effortless to find another wireless charger with impressive features and specifications offered by ESR’s ECW15 wireless charger. A fast wireless charging solution at an affordable price guarantees quick success. In a cluttered market of wireless chargers, this product has strength to make a dent.

Find more charging solutions…

Would you like to buy ESR’s Wireless Charger for iPhone 11 Pro Max? What is your opinion on this product? Leave your reply in the comments section below.

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