DropTask: Task Management iPhone App

DropTask iPhone Task Management App

There are number of productivity apps for iPhone, but hardly would you remember any app even after downloading a few. This is partly because of features those task management apps offer or the look & feel they emanate on your iPhone or desktop. The category productivity apps itself is so much inundated with gazillion of apps that people would turn down even the best of the apps. If any developer or a start-up has to break the clutter, they have to come up with a truly kick-ass idea. And I think DropTask has done the job.

Since there are task management apps galore, it is a Herculean task to grab attention of users and to get them to download DropTask on their iPhones or iPads. But this app has done some good job. Let’s check how DropTask has won many accolades even with its paid version.

DropTask iPhone Task Management AppDesign says it all…
Until now I have deliberately kept mum on design, which is actually a selling point for this app. Unlike other apps that offer run-of-the-mill designs, DropTask has brought in visual To-Do list on your desktop and smartphone. And this is revolution. I have never seen such a beautiful design of a task management app. In fact, DropTask has changed the definition of productivity app. Can you imagine that such an app flaunts riot colours? With this visual To-Do list, you can easily handle the most complex projects at office.

How DropTask iPhone App Works
You can create an account with your Google or Facebook ID. Once your account is created, you can manage your tasks either on web on Mac or on your iPhone/iPad. From my experience of DropTask, I can safely say that managing your tasks through web is easier as you can simply drag-and-drop the tasks, and type in & edit faster with keyboard.

DropTask stands on three main pillars – Projects, Groups and Tasks. First, you need to create a Project and give a suitable name to it. Once a Project is created, you can add Groups and Tasks, as well as subtasks. You can invite your friends & colleagues via emails.

Remember that only Pro users are offered to pick from four visual themes – Default, Traditional, Business and Neon. Moreover, Pro users can customize Project templates in addition to create their own templates. Pro users can create unlimited projects, while free account holders can create only five projects.

Feature Rich
I can dedicate an entire post on features of DropTask – take my word for it. Yes, this app has countless features to make your life easy. There are as many as 28 excellent features to swamp your iPhone/iPad. Some of the glaring features of DropTask are Collaboration Unlimited Tasks & Groups, Unlimited Subtasks, Project Themes, Evernote Integration, and Priority Support.

With this feature, you can invite your friends, family and colleagues to manage anything from the day to day running of a business to a personal vacation.

Unlimited Tasks & Groups
The Pro version of DropTask gives you the freedom to create as many to-dos as you like; manage your each and every responsibility and tasks at home and at office. No task will be pending or forgotten!

Unlimited Subtasks
Break your projects or tasks into subtasks to make your professional and personal life easier.

Project Themes
You can assign a theme to each project as DropTask offers several colour themes that can capture your attention and engage you.

Evernote Integration
You can integrate Evernote. Now check all your notes and ideas with this powerful integration. Your notes become actionable tasks in DropTask or you can send tasks from DropTask to Evernote.

Priority Support
If you need some help, you can always get it. With priority support, you can experience a VIP status in DropTask.

If you appreciate design and eye-catching interface of any app, DropTask would be your first choice not only as a productivity app but also as a common app. The free version of DropTask would serve the purpose of maintaining routine tasks, shopping lists, wish lists, party and travel plans and ideas.

Price: Free
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