Mind-warping Doctor Strange wallpapers for iPhone

Mind-warping Doctor Strange wallpapers for iPhone

If you’re a stranger to Doctor Strange, you might as well move to the next check article. Because, though I have got 10 amazing Doctor Strange iPhone wallpapers to offer, this one is a not-so-strange appreciation post.

Enough with the puns; let’s get you these wallpapers. Click the Download button beneath the wallpaper you like to download it to your iPhone.

1. Doctor Strange iPhone wallpaper HD

While I have been a Marvel fan since the first Iron Man, I think my love for Doctor Strange is more because of Benedict Cumberbatch. So, let’s start the series by celebrating him and his intense eyes.

Dr. Strange wallpaper iPhone


2. Distorting reality Doctor Strange wallpaper

What’s your favorite scene in the Doctor Strange movies? I love it when the earth literally turns round, and the buildings start growing inwards. It’s both strange and mesmerizing, just like this wallpaper.

Doctor Strange movie wallpaper for iPhone


3. Dr. Strange wallpaper for iPhone

Talking about distorted reality, how can we not have a distorted wallpaper of our main man. So, here you go, enjoy!


4. Doctor Strange character wallpaper

The first Doctor Strange movie had a lot of strong, impressive, and conflicting characters. We have lined up (circled up, if you may) all the main ones. So, whom did you love the most?

Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness characters iPhone wallpaper


5. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse Of Madness poster

Doctor Strange was great until now. However, Multiverse Of Madness has pulled the character and the story into another realm. Without giving away any spoiler, all I can say is that it’s a much-watch.

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse Of Madness poster


6. Doctor Strange movie wallpaper for iPhone

It’s time to bring some strangeness to the table. So for the first time ever in a wallpaper article, let’s play a fun (super easy) game. Share (comment) the names of all the characters you can spot in the wallpaper below.

Doctor Strange movie iPhone wallpaper


7. Doctor Strange and Wanda wallpaper

When I think about the duo, there’s just one dialogue that lives rent-free in my mind. So, I am passing it on to you: “You break the rules and become a hero. I do it, and I become the enemy. That doesn’t seem fair.”

Doctor Strange and Wanda wallpaper


8. Doctor Strange in action

The world as you know it is changing, and as a threat emerges, you have no option but to fight. So why not give it your all, look gorgeous while doing so, and be as sassy as only Doctor Strange can be.

Doctor Strange in action iPhone wallpaper


9. Doctor Strange

No description here! Just a photo of Benedict, aka Stephen Strange, aka Doctor Strange looking straight into your eyes.

Doctor Strange iPhone wallpaper HD


Note: A special thanks to Wallpapersden and Moviemania from where the above images have been sourced.

I hope our designer and I could do justice, and you guys felt elated and not at all strange after watching these Doctor Strange wallpapers (all puns intended).

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