Why Are Different iPhones Ringing at the Same Time: How to Fix

Many iPhone users report that ever since they updated their old iPhones with the latest OS (i.e. iOS 8), they encountered a weird problem. They observe that when one iPhone starts ringing, the other iPhones in the vicinity of the gadget join as well! Even strange is those other iPhones though having a completely different number also gets a call from the same number that the first one does.

Know the reason: Experts ponder over this issue and found out that there could be two reasons why iPhones with different numbers ring together showing the same number calling on them. First, it has something to do with settings. The latest iOS 8 comes with the feature called “FaceTime” i.e. iPhone Cellular Calls. The second reason is if there is a sharing of a common iCloud or Apple ID, the iPhones are likely to accept call from a single number but ring altogether.

Different iPhones Ringing at the Same Time

Here are the reasons why two or more Apple devices ring altogether while responding to the same caller.

  • The devices have “iPhone Cellular Calls” enabled
  • The devices are linked to the same iCloud account or the same Apple IDs

How to Stop Different iPhones Ringing at the Same Time

Steps to stop the ringing of different iPhones at the same time as a response to a call made on any of them. You will have to either change the settings or simply have different IDs.

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” on both the iPhones.

iOS 8 iPhone Setting

Step #2: Find “FaceTime”. Tap on it.

Facetime Setting on iPhone in iOS 8

Step #3: Tapping on “FaceTime” takes you further to iPhone Cellular Calls.

Step #4: Turn off the iPhone Cellular Calls/iPhone Mobile Calls.

Turn Off iPhone Mobile Call on Facetime in iOS 8

The personal settings of toggling the iPhone Cellular Calls “off” may not be considered as the best option. If you don’t want to touch this setting, here we come with another guide that helps you change the “real setting”, the permanent solution.

Do not use the same Apple ID Logins for all the iPhones you have:

The real solution lies in using different Apple ID logins for each iPhone you have. This simply means that you need to log out from the existing Apple ID or iCloud ID and then log into another one or if you don’t have, create one.