How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone with up to 5 People

How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

Conference calls on iPhone allow you to talk to five persons at the same time. The feature helps users to conduct important discussions. The process is simple, and the other participants do not need any special device. They can be on a landline, Android phone, or a basic feature phone. So, let us get started right away and see how to make a conference call on iPhone.

How to Do a Conference Call on iPhone

Step #1. Use your iPhone to make the first call, as you usually do.

Step #2. Once the person accepts, tap on add call.

It is a good manner to let this person know you are putting him on hold for setting up a conference call.

Step #3. Now select the person to call from the contacts list. Tap on their phone number. You may also tap on Favorites, Recent, or use the Keypad to dial an unsaved number.

Tap on Add Call and Select Contact and Tap on Phone Number on iPhone

Now, the call to the first person will be placed on HOLD.

Step #4. When the second person accepts the call, tap on merge calls to set up a conference call.

Tap on Merge Calls to Add Person to Conference Call on iPhone

You can repeat the process four more times and talk with up to 5 people (including you, six) in a conference call.

If you wish to speak with more than five people at once, you will have to use Facetime or other advanced voice and video calling apps.

Accept an Incoming Call and Add a Person to Conference Call

When you are on a conference call, (or a single call) and you receive an incoming call, tap on Hold & Accept. The current call will be put on hold. Now tap on merge calls to include this person in conference call (or start a conference call).

Tap on Hold and Accept Then Tap on Merge Calls on iPhone

How to Talk Privately with the Participant during Conference Call on iPhone

Note: You can only have a private conversation during a conference call on certain kinds of cellular networks. So on some phones, the Private button would be grayed out during a conference call.

When you are on a conference call, tap on (i) from top right. Here you will see End and Private. Using this, you can remove a participant from the conference call or talk privately.

Tap on i (Information) and Then Select Private in iPhone Conference Call

When you talk privately with a person, other participants of the conference call will be put on hold. Once you finish talking personally, you may tap merge calls and resume talking in conference with everybody.

Some Tips for iPhone Conference Call

  • Use other apps while on call: Press the home button or swipe up to go to homescreen. Now you may use other apps. When you do so, make sure you are using a Bluetooth headset or iPhone’s speaker. To get back to the call, tap on the green bar at top/green time button from top left
Tap on Green Time Button and Go Back to iPhone Conference Call
  • Mute yourself while on a conference call: Tap the mute button on the call screen. Now, you can listen to what other people in the call are saying. But voice from your end is muted
Tap on Mute Button on Call Screen on iPhone
  • Other participants can also add to the existing conference call: Even on a conference call that you initiated, other participants may also add people to this conference call following the above steps
  • Conference call depends on your carrier: Most carriers around the globe support it, but if you can’t make a conference call, contact yours
  • Using VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling? In some cases, conference calling is not available if your call is using Voice over LTE (VoLTE) or Wi-Fi Calling

Closing thoughts…

What are your thoughts on conference calls? Are you planning to use it when talking to multiple family members? Or will you make conference calls solely for business purposes? Where do you think it is useful? Please share your word in the comments down below.

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