How to Delete Multiple iMessage Photos and Attachments in iOS 14

There are several ways to delete all iMessage attachments on the iPhone. The easiest, of course, is to delete the entire conversation, which also removes the photos and attachments. However, sometimes you might want to delete multiple iMessage photos and attachments in iOS 14 but still, keep the text part of your conversation. This can be helpful if your storage is full. So let’s check out 3 ways to go about it.

How to Delete Photos from iMessage App on iPhone

This method is handy if you have to delete some photos at once. For deleting many files together, look at the second method.

Step #1. Open the Messages app and tap on a conversation.

Open Messages App and Tap on Conversation

Step #2.  Long touch a photo or video → Tap More.

Long Press on Image and Tap on More from Options

Step #3. Select multiple images, videos, voice notes by tapping the Small Circle → Tap on Delete icon and tap again to confirm.

Delete Multiple iMessage Photos in iOS 13 on iPhone

How to Delete Mul­ti­ple iMes­sage Pho­tos and Attach­ments

If you have dozens of photos and videos, this method is easy to follow, as it shows you everything in one place. Thus it is comfortable to select and delete. You do not have to scroll all through the conversation and find images between texts.

Step #1. Open the Messages app and tap on a conversation.

Open Messages App and Tap on Conversation

Step #2. Tap the picture or name of the person from the top → Tap on info.Tap on Profile and Then Tap on info in iOS 13 iMessage App

Step #3. Scroll to the end, and tap See All Photos → Tap Select from the upper right.

Tap on See All Photos and Then Tap on Select

Step #4. Select the photos and videos and tap on Delete → Tap on Delete [number] Attachments to confirm.

Delete iMessage Photos in iOS 13 on iPhone

Delete All iMessage Attachments At Once from iPhone Settings App

The Settings app makes it easy to know which conversation is talking the maximum storage and lets you delete it entirely.

Step #1. Open the Settings app → tap on GeneraliPhone Storage.

Open Settings Tap on General and Then Tap on iPhone Storage

Step #2. Tap on Messages. Here you will see options like Top Conversations, GIFs and Stickers, Photos, Videos, and Other. Choose one option you prefer to delete.

Tap on Messages and Then Tap on Photos on iPhone

Step #3. Swipe right to left and tap on Delete.

Tap on Delete to Remove Picture on iPhone

You can also tap on Edit, select multiple options, and tap the delete icon.

Delete iMessages Photos and Attachments from Settings App on iPhone

Note: If you choose Top Conversations and delete them, then the entire chat with all its photos, videos, attachments, and texts is deleted.

Signing Off…

Finally, if you are frequently low on storage, there are a couple of more settings you may choose to enable. One automatically deletes all messages (texts, photos, videos, etc.) after one month or one year. Another option automatically removes listened to audio messages after 2 minutes.

To enable these, open the Settings app → Tap on Messages, then tap on Keep Messages and choose 30 days or 1 year. Now, go back and tap on Expire and select After 2 Minutes.

That’s all!

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