DapIt iPhone App: Buy and Sell Gift Cards

DapIt iPhone App Review Buy and Sell Gift Cards from your Device

The burgeoning popularity of e-Gift cards entices a lot of traditional retailers to offer gift certificates online. To connect with their customers, retailers join hands with popular gift card apps so that customers can buy, share, and redeem gift cards. But which app to collaborate with? Daplt is a better choice for business owners and individuals.

Daplt is a new app emerging as a popular destination for many businesses. This app is easy to use for any person having a smartphone. The app is divided into four parts: signing up business, buying a gift card, giving or sharing a gift card, and redeem a gift card.

Daplt iPhone App Helps You Sell, Buy, Share, and Redeem Gift Cards Easily

Daplt has made it extremely easy for customers to buy and give gift cards. For business owners, this app offers them an opportunity to use their corporate identity. For them, it is a chance to project their brands in front of consumers.

If you own a business, you need to enter a few details like business email address, physical address, your bank account details, and a logo. This may take a couple of minutes, but once everything is in place, it would be easy for merchants to operate this app.

DapIt iPhone App

When a merchant signs up his/her business, customers then can buy, share, and redeem gift certificates. The app offers a user-friendly interface for consumers to use this app. Unlike traditional physical gift cards, Daplt provides the best gift card management platform.

Now, let me jump into the shoes of customers. For individuals, they need to download the app and follow a few simple instructions on mobile. Remember, you need a valid mobile number and email address to use this app. Also, check the country and region on your device; the app supports a limited number of nations in the world.

To buy a gift certificate on Daplt, you have to select a business you wish to purchase a gift card from; you can either choose a nearby store or browse by category or search the business by its name. Next, tap on Buy Gift Card, and enter the gift card amount. You have done it! The app will store your gift card until you use it or send it to someone.

For sharing or giving a gift card, you need to tap on Wallet icon from the bottom menu of the app. Next, choose a gift card you want to give or share; finally, enter the part or full amount you want to send. And then tap on the Send button. On the contact screen, you can select name, mobile number or email address of your contact. You can also add a personal message there.

In case, you have received a gift card on your Daplt app from your friends or family members, you need to redeem that card.

To redeem a gift card, you need to visit the retail store nearby. It goes without saying that you must have a gift certificate of that store. At the store, open Daplt app, tap on wallet icon and select the gift card you want to redeem. Next, you can either enter just a part or full amount of the gift card to redeem. Then, hit the Send button and your request to redeem the gift card will be sent to the business owner.

On the business owner’s app, s/he will receive an alert for your spend request. When the business owner approves your request, you are done.

Download Daplt

That’s it!

Summing up…

Merchants will undoubtedly like to use this app as they don’t have to sign any contract and have to pay minimum transaction fees. For users, it is super easy to store and redeem their gift certificates at retail stores. It’s a win-win situation created by Daplt.

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