How to Convert Slow Motion Video to Normal Video on iPhone and iPad

how to convert slow motion video to normal video on iphone and ipad

iPhone slow-motion clips recorded at 120 fps or 240 fps are incredible to watch. But depending on your use case and preference, you may want to convert a slow-motion video into a standard clip that plays at a regular speed. So, if you are wondering how to turn the slo-mo video of your kid blowing the birthday candles or you somersaulting into a normal video on iPhone or iPad, here are the quick steps to do this.

How to Convert Slow Motion Video to Regular Speed Video on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the Photos app and stay in the Albums tab. Scroll down and from under ‘Media Types,’ tap on Slo-mo. Tap on a video to open it in full screen.
  2. Tap on slo-mo in albums tab tap on video and then tap on edit in photos app on iphone
  3. You will see a thin slider with vertical white lines. While the portion with the lines wide apart represents the slow-motion effect, those at the ends, with lines closely packed, represent the normal-speed. Two sliders divide both segments. Touch on a slider and drag it towards the other. All wide-spaced lines will align tightly. This represents that video will now play at standard speeds. To check, tap on the triangle play button.
  4. Tap on Done.move slider to any end of slow-motion section and tap on done to convert slo-mo video to regular video on iphone

The slow-motion video is successfully converted into a standard video.

To discard this change, tap on EditRevertRevert to Original. You may also use the sliders to adjust the portion of the clip you want to play at a slow or normal speed.


  • Even after converting to normal video, it is still listed under the Slo-mo category.
  • Conversion does not reduce the overall video size.
  • You can not convert the standard iPhone videos shot at 30fps or 24 fps to slo-mo using the Photos app. But you can use iMovie or other iPhone or iPad editing apps for this job.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you often take Slo-mo videos, or is it a rare thing? Let us know in the comments down below. While you are here, it would be the perfect opportunity to look at some of the best camera tips and tricks for iPhone 11 Pro.

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  1. I was making an important video, and found out later that part of it was in slow motion. Must have been a small bad move with my left hand. Thank goodness I was able to make the whole video run at correct speed ! Thanks to this IGeeks blog.

    Now hoping when I import it , it will remain at regular speed !!!

  2. Dhvanesh,
    Thank you so much for publishing the instructions on how to convert a slo-mo video to regular speed. The instructions were easy to understand and easy to do. Much appreciated.

  3. Thank you, Dhavanesh! It was SO EASY to convert the slo-mo video to normal speed. I have no idea how, after a minute or so, the video all-of-a-sudden slowed down. I must have hit something inadvertently while I was panning the room where I was making the video.

  4. Converting the video on the Iphone was simple – thank you! But then I transferred it over to myPC and it went back to slo-mo! Anything I can do to keep it at regular speed when transferring?

  5. Thanks a lot for this clear article. It proved very useful in converting the slo-mo vid to a regular video
    Gracias !

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