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Best Valentine’s day app icons for iPhone in 2024

Valentine’s week is already here. And while you are gearing up for the week with your date and celebratory plans, have you ensured to decorate your iPhone with love? If not, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Here are some cute Valentine’s Day app icons for iPhone that can elicit romance and remind you of your loved one.

1. Aesthetic pink Valentine icons

Pink white Valentine aesthetic icons

Pink is always a color considered related to love and care. So, if you are searching for Valentine’s Day love iPhone app icons, then you can consider this. With over 4800 app icons, you’ll have plenty of options. The best part is that this pack includes some hand-drawn icons!

One thing I liked about this icon pack is its delicate shade of pink which can add a touch of romance without being too overpowering. If you like it too much, this icon pack is also worth considering for daily use, too, cause love can last forever.

Even if you get bored with one color, you can always try the other option packed with this icon pack. Yes! You will get two colors to choose from. You can choose between either color or even mix them when needed.


2. Soft love-themed Valentine’s day iPhone app icons

Soft love theme Valentine's day iPhone app Icons

Love sometimes is just to exist with that special someone; it’s soft, tender, and warm. You can reflect the same on your iPhone with this “Soft Love Theme iPhone iOS 16 App Icon.” With this set, you get more than 240 app icons available in two color options.

I like the romantic theme it brings with a beautiful blend of pink and red hues, making it the perfect way to add a touch of love to your iPhone’s home screen. There is a high chance you might love this icon so much that you may want to keep it for a longer time than Valentine’s Day.

Apart from app icons, you’ll also get widgets with wide varieties, including quotes widgets and alphabet widgets. You’ll also get more than a dozen wallpapers to match the overall theme with icons and widgets.


3. Red velvet Valentine’s aesthetic app icons

Red Velvet Valentines Aesthetic App Icons

Those who want a luxurious look mixed with aesthetics and Valentine’s theme are welcome to check out this icon pack. Thanks to that luxurious red velvet theme with the typography style, it creates a perfect combination of romantic and stylish vibe on your iPhone Home Screen.

Featuring more than 180 app icons to choose from, there will be less chance of you missing any icon for your favorite apps. Apart from app icons, you also get a variety of widgets to choose from.


4. Cupid’s Pink app icons

Cupid pink Valentine day aesthetic app icons

Cupids are always considered the symbol of love, and pink gives the same feel. So when these come together, you get one of the best Valentine’s Day love icon packs for iPhone.

With this bundle, you’ll get access to more than 300+ app icons to check out from. There are multiple color options to choose from, so there is more chance of you using your creativity.

You can easily fall in love with it, just like the way you fell for that special someone. Apart from that, you will also get some widgets to put on, helping you keep overall beauty on your iPhone home screen.


How to download Valentine’s day app icon pack on your iPhone

Unsurprisingly, Apple has made the simple task of changing app icons a bit complicated.

It might be a bit confusing for new users. Don’t worry; we already have made a guide on how to change app icons on your iPhone. Go check it out and have a beautiful home screen. ✨

Have a happy Valentine’s day ❤️

Now that you are started to prepare for Valentine’s week, it’s a great gesture to decorate your iPhone with these cute app icons. Hope you two have an amazing Valentine’s week and also have the best time together with your partner

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