Pray facing directly to Mecca with help of these iPhone and iPad apps. These iPhone and iPad apps have been optimized to provide exact location to offer prayer. You can even hear Adhans, view calendar and share them with your family and friends.

Use these apps for Qibla and feed in prayer timing notifications and alarm.

Best Qibla Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Qibla Apps for iPhone/iPad

#1. Find Mecca

Find Mecca iPhone and iPad App IconFind Mecca app is a digital GPS that locates Qibla and allows you to see Mecca in Augmented Reality Mode through your device’s camera. You need to keep turning your device until you hear Mozian and turn device into normal and again into horizontal mode to activate Augmented Reality Mode. You can even see the time left for upcoming prayer.

Price: $2.99
Download Find Mecca

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#2. Islamic Compass

Islamic Compass provides you Qibla and prayer timings. The best feature is that the app can function without an internet connection too. You need to feed your location and the app plays Adhan whenever it is prayer time. You can customize the app by putting Adhan alarms or adjusting prayer timing.

Price: $3.99
Download Islamic Compass

#3. My Prayer

My Prayer app provides you with all essential things such as prayer time calculation, Qibla compass, Islamic calendar, alarm notification etc. The app can be used in Arabic or English languages. You either use five different modes to calculate prayer timings or adjust them into the app.

Price: Free
Download My Prayer

#4. alQibla

alQibla app helps in setting up prayer timings as per your location. You can set up notifications for prayer with different Adhans each time. You can view the prayer timings in Arabic, French, Turkish or English. You can even share the monthly calendar with your friends and family. To avail the Events calendar, you need to buy it from in-app purchase for $0.99.

Price: Free
Download alQibla

#5. iSalam Qibla Compass

iSalam Qibla Compass allows you to find location that points directly to Kaabah. With some great interface and design, the app finds you accurate direction from anywhere in the world.

Price: Free
Download iSalam Qibla Compass

#6. Qibla Compass

An app dedicated to find you the most accurate direction for prayer. Rotate it first to left and then to right to face towards Kaabah. The app supports HD graphics and sharing options that make it a delightful app to have.

Price: Free
Download Qibla Compass