Best Azan Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best Azan Apps for iPhone

Knowing exact prayer timings, especially during Ramadan, is essential as taking fast and leaving active forms is crucial. Depending on the longitude and latitude of where you reside, the timings differ. Hence, we come up with the list of best Azan apps for iPhone and iPad to help you quickly find out the actual prayer time based on any location. These azan apps are exceptionally user-friendly. They allow you to track your prayers, set alarms, and reminders to assist you in staying perfectly in sync with the holy duties. Let’s find out more about these top adhan apps for iOS!

1. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro Azan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Highly rated by over 30 million users, “Muslim Pro” is an impressive azan app. It shows the accurate prayer time as per your current location. You can quickly access prayer time from the Today view on your iOS device.

It features complete Quran along with the audio recitations, phonetics, and translations. The colored Tajweed assists you in improving your pronunciation while reading the Quran. With the Animated Qibla compass as well as a map, it also displays the direction of Mecca. It has the full Muslim Hijri calendar which shows holy dates.

Price: Free

2. Athan

Athan Azan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Athan not just shows the accurate prayer time but also allows you to track your prayer performance. With it, you can attain more prayer discipline.

You will quickly find out the nearby mosques, schools, organizations with their contact information as well as directions. Today view widget lets you keep track of your prayer with ease. The Islamic calendar keeps you informed about all the upcoming Islamic events.

Price: Free

3. Athan Pro

Athan Pro Muslim tools iPhone and iPad Azan App Screenshot

Athan Pro is a must-have app for Muslims. You can track both your offered and missed prayers. Thanks to the location-based tools, you will be able to find out Qibla directions more comfortably.

The app displays the real prayer timings for hundreds of cities of the world. You will access the contact information and directions to the nearby mosques. Interestingly, you will also unlock badges and attain an elite status level as per your personal score.

Price: Free

4. My Prayer

My Prayer Azan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“My Prayer” is what you should use to instantly find out the prayer times at any location and carry out your prayer with complete dedication. Right from the home screen of the app, you will find out the Qibla direction, prayer times as well as the remaining time of your next prayer. The provides you the needed freedom to adjust the prayer times as well.

Price: Free

5. Azan Alarm

Azan Alarm iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Azan Alarm” can be very helpful in keeping you up to the task both with your discipline and Azan. With it, you can easily keep track of your prayer times and set the alarm to never get late.

You can select from 14 full azan alarms. If you want something different, you have the option to select your favorite sound from your music library as well. More importantly, you will be able to easily find Qibla directions and choose from seven different calculation methods such as the Islamic Society of North America, Muslim world league.

Price: Free

6. Azan

Azan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one is an exceptionally user-friendly azan app. With the use of GPS, it shows the exact prayer times. As per your need, you can fine-tune your prayer times and remain committed to your set rules. Use the prayer alarm to get ready for the prayer in time and never get late. Apart from English, it also supports the Arabic language.

Price: Free

7. Ramadan Times

Ramadan Times Azan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Ramadan Times app provides you with Iftar and Sehar timings for the month of Ramadan. You will easily get to know the time remaining for Iftar.

The app supports different time calculation methods to make your task of knowing the right time of the holy event a lot easy. You can set alarms to remind you of the important things and prepare in a better way. The Hijri calendar shows all the upcoming holy events.

Price: Free

8. Azan MP3

Azan MP3 iPhone App Screenshot

Like listening to Adzan? If yes, you should download Azan MP3 as it’s a complete package.

It comes with an extensive collection of azan. You can navigate through the entire library and listen to your favorite prayer. For instance, you will enjoy listening to athan from Mecca (Makkah ) or medina or al-masjid al-haram and more.

With 40 different sounds of adhan on offer, you will never find this whole package boring!

Price: Free

9. Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Azan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Sun and Moon” app shows timings of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset. The useful compass displays the sun and moon position.

It allows you to specify any location in four different ways. As for instance, you can use Google Maps, latitude and longitude, select any city from the available options or use GPS or Location Services to find out the right time of sunrise or sunset of a particular location. The app also displays the past and future dates for southern/northern extremes.

Price: $0.99

10. Daily Salat

Daily Salat Azan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I like the proper functionality of “Daily Salat.” The app may not be feature-rich, but it’s very functional when it comes to showing the right prayer time based on your particular location. As it automatically updates the prayer time, you don’t have any problem in getting to know the exact time for your salat. You can also set pre azan reminder to stay perfectly in sync with your schedule.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

Signing Off

That’s all, folks!

Your favorite?

Now, use these top azan apps to improve your prayer discipline. Make the Hijri calendar’s best use and reminders to stay ahead and prepare well for holy events. Which one of these apps has won more votes from you? Is there any azan app you want to see in this app list? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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