Knowing Adhan timings, especially in Ramadan is essential as taking fast and leaving fast forms a crucial aspect. Depending on the longitude and latitude of where you reside, the timings differ. Hence, we come up with list of some of the Adhan apps specially designed for Ramadan month.

Get to know the appropriate timings for Sehri, Iftar and Adhans with help of these iPhone and iPad apps.

Best Azan Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Azan Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Ramadan Times

Ramadan Times app provides you with Iftar and Sehar timings for the month of Ramadan. You can set up the alarm to know when Iftar and Sehar are going to take place. The app can be used universally; you can know Iftar and Sehar timings as per you location. The app also has Hijri Calendar, intriguing graphics and Adhan’s that can be heard.

Price: Free
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#2. Athan Pro

Athan Pro app is a solution to all your queries. The app provides accurate prayer time, Qibla compass, calendar, daily Hadith, Tasbeeh, Azkar and monthly schedules. You can use the app to send greeting cards to your friends and relatives. The app gets synchronized with your device as soon as you open the app, to give you accurate Adhan time.

Price: Free
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#3. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro app gives you appropriate fasting and prayer time, depending on your location. It also gives you audio/video notifications for your prayer. You can also find Halal restaurants and mosques around your area. The app also supports Qibla compass, Muslim Calendar with essential festivals highlighted, 99 names of Allah & Prophet Mohammad and has the Quran translated into several languages. You can upgrade to the premium account by paying $4.99.

Price: Free
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#4. Azan Alarm Clock

The app -supports worldwide different timings to deliver exact prayer times anywhere. Azan Alarm Clock turns your device into a gorgeous Arabic style clock. You can set your personalized timings in the app and can hear full Adhan, whenever you want. The app is designed to play Adhan even when you are not logged into the app, given that you have set an alarm for it.

Price: $2.99
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#5. Ramadan Calendar 2014 & Prayer Times

Ramadan Calendar 2014 & Prayer Times app will give you the entire calendar of 2014. Everyday’s Roza will be highlighted and you can set Sehri and Iftar notifications. The app will catch your location once you open the app and give you details depending on it. You need to punch in calculation method, i.e, Juristic or any other preference you want. You can even opt for Adhan or voice alarm.

Price: Free
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#6. Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon app provides you timings of sunrise, sunset, moon-rise and moon-set. You have to feed in your location through Google Maps or GPS or latitudes & longitudes or choose a city and the app will give you exact time related to Sun and Moon.

Price: $0.99
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#7. Daily Prayer Times

As the name suggests, the app provides you with daily prayer timings. The app is configured for Ramadan 2014 and gives you timings for salat, fajr, duhur, sahar, isha, iftar, asr, sunrise etc.

Price: Free
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