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Best prescription delivery apps for iPhone in 2024

Ease of work has been one of the most significant changes technology leverages across multiple domains, including medicine. Earlier, you had to hop from one pharmacy to another before buying the medication in your prescription. Today, all you need to do is to upload your medication list on a prescription delivery app and get the medicines delivered to your doorstep. Cool, isn’t it? 

In this article, I have curated a list of the best prescription delivery apps for iPhone. Analyze the pros and cons of these apps and switch to these online services for getting instant deliveries of medicines at competitive prices.

  1. Capsule Pharmacy
  2. CVS Pharmacy
  3. Walgreens
  4. Rite Aid Pharmacy
  5. Nurx
  6. Alto

1. Capsule Pharmacy – Editor’s Choice

Capsule pharmacy 641x450 1

Is your ill health not allowing you to step out of bed and buy your prescribed medicines? Don’t worry; the Capsule Pharmacy app has got you covered. This online platform thrives as one of the best medicine delivery apps for iPhone across the US.

With Capsule’s free delivery service, you can switch to a more innovative, accessible, and faster medication. The app is a must-have for senior citizens as it can help them manage their medications right from the comfort of their homes.

Share your prescription or request your doctor to send an e-prescription of your medication on the Capsule app. It hardly takes fifteen seconds for Capsule to read your prescription and work on it. The app texts you to schedule your same-day delivery at your convenience. Moreover, you can manage the medications of all your family members effortlessly from your iPhone. The platform lets you coordinate refills with your doctor quickly.   

Capsule does not charge a penny from you for medication delivery. However, as Capsule co-pays with your insurance company, you must pay for the latter. In addition, Capsule offers a 24*7 facility to chat privately with a registered pharmacist. So, the next time you find it difficult to recall the dosage or time of your medicine, you know whom to contact! 


  • Updated medication stock 
  • Accepts e-prescriptions from doctors 
  • Same-day delivery  
  • 24*7 private chat with experts


  • Lags in delivery sometimes 

Price: Free 


2. CVS Pharmacy – All-in-one medicine delivery app 

CVS Pharmacy

Working as a subsidiary of CVS Health, CVS Pharmacy is one of the most significant pharmacies in the US. Thousands of people trust the platform for offering right-on-time delivery of medications.

Addi, the app has many products, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, beauty products, cosmetics, seasonal products, greeting cards, film and photo finishing products, and convenience products. Now, that’s what we call an all-in-one app.  

CVS Pharmacy allows you to prepay for your prescriptions and get a private pickup by showing your barcode. You can order refills and track their status or history. In addition, you can access complete information about the drug before adding it to your cart.

The app helps you boost your earnings with juicy rewards and discounts. However, you must link your ExtraCare card on the app first. Then, depending on your refill requirement, you can switch between the same day-delivery or 1-2-day delivery.    

If you feel skeptical about any medication, you can video chat with a trusted healthcare expert 24*7 on the CVS Pharmacy app. Moreover, you can search for a nearby MinuteClinic, view wait times, and schedule a meeting with the doctor using this friendly app. You can also track your insurance coverage with CVS Pharmacy.   


  • Flexible delivery 
  • 24*7 expert consultation on video calls 
  • Easy refill tracking 
  • Pocket-friendly deals 
  • Range of essential products


  • Constant email reminders  
  • Issues in order refills 

Price: Free  


3. Walgreens – Grab best deals on pharmacy


Getting your prescriptions delivered to your doorstep instantly became more manageable with the Walgreens app. In addition, the app offers an exhaustive collection of medications to tick off your prescription list. And you know, what is the exciting thing about using Walgreens? Well, it is the excellent prices at which they offer the medications to customers. Also, with a simple barcode scan, you can get your refills done at Walgreens instantly.   

Fill in your Walgreens cart with essentials and get them delivered by the app in less than 30 minutes. Moreover, you can become a myWalgreens member and earn plenty of Walgreen Cash rewards, personalized deals, and more. Scan products from the in-store to clip coupons and save them at Checkout. Also, you can print photos from your tablet or iPhone and get same-day pickup. Use your imagination and personalize your gifts and photo cards.   

The app lets you locate the nearest store and access its working hours. You can use the auto-refill feature, so you are never out of your dose. Further, there is 24*7 live chat customer support for free prescription and healthcare advice for you on Walgreens. Feel free to connect with doctors and health experts as per convenience.  


  • 30-minute delivery facility 
  • Live chat for free prescriptions  
  • Good discounts and deals 
  • Auto-refill tracking 


  • Frequent lags in refill tracking  
  • Issues in order placement 

Price: Free  


4. Rite Aid Pharmacy – Never miss your refills

Rite Aid Pharmacy

The Ride Aid Pharmacy app strives to offer a seamless interface that manages your prescriptions and delivers genuine medication at affordable prices. It lets you refill and manage your prescriptions with a simple barcode scan. Moreover, with the Rite Aid Pharmacy app, you can transfer the prescriptions of all your family members in one place. So, imagine how easy it would be for you to manage the medications of every person. 

Receive early notifications when your prescription gets due for a refill. You can use the app to search for the closest Rite Aid Store, transfer your prescriptions, and deliver your things without delay. Feel free to pick up all your necessities from the thousands of products available on the app. And don’t worry about the budget because Rite Aid Pharmacy offers the best deals to its customers.

The platform lets you convert your Rite Aid reward points into BonusCash for more savings. You can browse, search, and track your rewards account balance and BonusCash within the app. Furthermore, you can bundle your Digital Coupons and save the Rite Aid Rewards on your Apple Wallet.


  • Easy transfer of the prescription to Rite Aid Pharmacy 
  • Thousands of products to choose from 
  • Quick conversion of Rite Aid reward points into BonusCash 
  • Manage multiple prescriptions in one place 
  • Competitive prices


  • Poor customer service 
  • Issues with the user interface 

Price: Free 


5. Nurx – Trusted female pharmacy delivery app 

Nurx app

No matter how modern we get, the social stigma around birth control, pregnancy, and intimate hygiene is something we shy away from. Despite being a necessity, many people take these topics as taboo. Nurx offers that little silver lining about these women-centric topics with its FDA-approved medications and tests.

The platform provides access to birth control kits, pregnancy tests, hygiene products, and other healthcare products for female health issues. Just share your medical history; Nurx experts will review it and prescribe medications for it.   

Nurx understands how personal birth control and pregnancy can be for you. So, it offers a broad range of generic and brand offerings, including products for emergency contraception, yeast infection, Melasma treatment, bacterial vaginosis, HIV PrEP, and others.

You can also find acne medications, anti-aging solutions, OTC skincare, dark spot treatment, UTI treatment, hair loss, Genital Herpes treatment, migraine treatment, etc. Also, Nurx uses your insurance coverage for your medication and tests. It is an app every woman must use to get easy access to healthcare services on their iPhone.

The platform lets you take home tests for various problems, including fertility and pregnancy, STI, HPV, and COVID-19. There are also solutions catering to your mental health issues, like anxiety and depression treatment, on the Nurx app. In addition, you can connect privately with medical experts 24*7 at your convenience. All these features make Nurx one of the best online pharmacy apps. 


  • Diverse product range for birth control, female hygiene, and skincare 
  • Private chat with healthcare experts 
  • Convenient home tests 
  • Medication starting at $0 with insurance and $15/month without insurance 


  • Issues with customer service 

Price: Free 


6. Alto – Same-day pharmacy delivery  

Alto Pharmacy

Alto is a simple-to-use prescription delivery app that caters to all your medical whims in seconds. The app gets you genuine medications from the pharmacy to your house without hassle. With its massive generic and branded collection, Alto brings all the essentials listed by your doctor in your prescription. The prices are fair, and the delivery service is top-notch, so you never have to worry about going to a pharmacy in person. 

The app combines all your medications in one place to ensure that you never miss your medication doses ever. Here, you can connect to trusted pharmacists, investigate products, and get your investigations autosaved easily. In addition, you can schedule same-day delivery with the Alto app, in case you remember about an essential at the last moment.   


  • Same-day delivery 
  • All prescriptions in one place 
  • Easy connection with pharmacists


  • Delay in prescription delivery 
  • Prescription mixes up 

Price: Free 


Things to consider before choosing a prescription delivery app 

  • Always buy medicines from trusted online prescription delivery platforms. 
  • Ensure that the cost of the products listed are reasonable. 
  • Pick a platform with a team of healthcare experts to provide instant solutions to your medicine-related problems.  
  • The prescription delivery service should consider your insurance plan before billing for medication and tests. 
  • Check customer reviews and ratings before trusting a prescription delivery app. 
What is the purpose of a medicine delivery app? 

The primary purpose of a medicine delivery app is to bring your medications right to your doorstep anytime and from anywhere. However, these apps also help you with consultation and offer 24/7 customer support for answering your queries.

What are the benefits of online pharmacy delivery? 

Online pharmacy delivery provides time-saving doorstep delivery, competitive prices, genuine products, and a diverse range of products.

Wrapping up

The on-demand prescription delivery niche has evolved dramatically over the years. Companies offer services to gain an edge in the growing market over their competitors. I have created this list of the best prescription delivery apps for iPhone to make your life easier. Pick the app that serves your interest well and always have enough medication.   

If you want to share your experience using a medicine delivery app with me, please do that in the comments section.

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