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Best iPhone games for preschoolers

When teaching has a fun-loving element, learning becomes joyful. So instead of forcing kids to learn, we must make the teaching style and the subject interesting so learners can truly enjoy lessons.

As a parent, if you are finding it difficult to make your little champ learn elementary things like numbers, shapes, colors, and more, it’s high time you took the help of the best iOS games for preschoolers. Through fascinating gameplay and puzzles, these kid apps entertain and develop many cognitive skills.

The fantastic award system keeps your toddler motivated and hungry for special goodies like eye-catching stickers. So without any more ado, let’s explore the roundup!

1. Dirty Farm

Dirty Farm PreSchool iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

If it’s time to get acquainted with farm animals hilariously, “Dirty Farm” is hands-down the first choice preschool game. And there are plenty of good reasons to pick it right away.

First and foremost, this app boasts a pleasing user-interface and makes learning very intriguing. With many mini-games in the offing, your baby will want to return to the farm repeatedly.

Milking the cows, shearing ever-adorable sheep, feeding rabbits and cleaning horse’ teeth are some of the activities that will keep your little one hooked. And oh, your child will also get a chance to run a tractor in the field and toil harder to harvest corns.

Price: Free/$1.99 for full version

2. Toddler Learning Games

Toddler Learning PreSchool iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Loaded with tons of exciting educational games, this one can effortlessly become the favorite of your fast-growing toddler. Ditto!

While taking part in the games, your baby will get the knowledge of shapes, numbers, colors, ABCs and a lot more. Building trucks and playing with animals are something that your baby will enjoy a lot.

And with plenty of puzzles into the mix, the learning will always feel appealing. Not to mention, preschoolers also get a chance to make their own wonderful farm and crazy stickers.

Price: Free/$5.49 for a monthly subscription

3. Preschool Games–Zoolingo

Preschool iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Let your kid have a ball with animated animals! “Zoolingo” has got plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

With a huge roster of games and educational puzzles, this preschool app teaches several important things like alphabet, counting, numbers, animal names to preschoolers and kindergarteners. There are more than 200 levels, and each one of them is designed to not only teach new things but also in a different way.

Thanks to the sound and text instructions, there is less chance of any confusion creeping up. On top of all, Zoolingo has the support for 16 languages so that your toddler can learn in the preferred lingo.

Price: Free/$6.99 for the pro version

4. Kids Academy Talented & Gifted

Kids Academy Talented Gifted PreSchool iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Kids Academy” is designed to nurture several pivotal things like improving hand-eye coordination, reading skills, sharpening mind and more. It features over 5000 educational games along with expertly crafted videos to help kids master fundamentals easily.

Depending on your child’s interest, you can ideally classify, sort or match games. The augmented reality-based worksheets add an all-new dimension into learning.

The beautiful looking environment and animated characters add more feather to its cap. Besides, the reward system goes a long way in keeping your child motivated to give the best.

Price: Free/$2.99 for full ABC

5. Sorting Puzzles for Kids

Sorting Puzzles for Kids PreSchool iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Pick out this one to teach your child how to sort and classify items perfectly. Featuring 12 wonderful environments, the game can also improve many other vital things like hand-eye-coordination, concentration, visual perception and vocabulary.

Whether it’s the crazy dog’s screen, hilarious squirrels’ screen or my house place, the game has a lot of goodies to keep the interest of kids intact for long. The mini game boards are really exciting to play and are based on ascending difficulty level. So, as your kid goes ahead with the games, the difficulty will gradually increase.

Moreover, it offers scintillating playtime for both parents and kids so that learning becomes a pleasing experience.

Price: Free/$4.99 to open all boards

6. Preschool Games-Kids Learning

‎Preschool Kids Learning iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

When you have tons of beautifully crafted games at the disposal, developing cognitive skills while entertaining the hearts of tiny tots is never a big deal. There is a lot to like in this one of the most appreciable iOS apps for toddlers.

Through joyful games and quizzes, the app can develop a number of important skills like problem-solving, Mathematics, attention and listening, etc. Thanks to the unlimited play and great reward system, it makes sure kids never get enough of the play.

As it’s completely customizable, you can fine-tune everything as per the taste your child so that it finds the gameplay more appealing. Furthermore, it provides helpful voice commands in as many as 12 different languages.

Price: Free/$4.99 to access 16 preschool games and remove ads

7. ABC Alphabet Phonics

ABC Alphabet Phonics PreSchool iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Want your baby to master ABC quickly? I would recommend you to give a try to this app.

What I like the most about this educational app for preschooler s that it’s fully customizable. For instance, you can add your own voice and even include your own favorite items. Perfect, if you always want the learning process to be intriguing.

Another notable feature of this kid’s app is that it automatically adjusts the difficulty level so that there is no chance of any sudden roadblock.

Price: Free

8. Count To 100 For Kids,Toddlers

Count To 100 For Kids,Toddlers

As the name itself makes it crystal clear, “Count To 100 For Kids” is designed to help toddlers and preschoolers learn the number from 1 to 100. The game is pretty simple and makes learning numbers fun-loving.

As for the gameplay, it’s all about connecting dots to learn things like counting, alphabet, shape, vehicle, and animal. There is also a cool visual game where your child will learn comparison and understand the meaning of greater than, less than, and equal to.

With befitting music and eye-catching animation, it makes the whole gameplay a joyful experience. What’s more, it also offers some amazing gifts to ensure kids never find the game boring.

Price: Free ($3.99 for full version)

9. Reading Eggs – Learn to Read

Reading Eggs PreSchool iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

If you are trying to make your kid learn to read faster, “Reading Eggs” would be a much better pick. It provides expertly designed courses for kids from 2-13 years old.

Thanks to the fun activities and games, your child will be able to easily learn things. There are several thoughtfully created videos to bring more joy into learning and keep boredom at bay.

Plus, the read-aloud books not only help toddlers read fast but also offer up phonemic awareness as well as alphabet knowledge. Even better, real-time progress reports make sure you are fully aware of how well your kid is learning and what are the areas where he/she still needs to improve.

Price: Free/$9.99 for Premium version

10. Preschool Learning Games Kids

Preschool Learning iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

It’s an open secret that kids enjoy fun-loving and engaging games. And with this app, your little champ will have access to eighteen nice games in different categories including colors, alphabets, numbers, shapes, and sizes.

Apart from offering a lot of joy, it will help you kid learn many important things visual perception, creativity, and reasoning. It motivates your child to do better and also offer plenty of rewards. What’s more, the kid will also collect a lot of cool stickers after scoring high points.

Price: Free/$1.99 for Pro version

There you go!

What’s the top pics for your champ?

I bet you’ve picked out some cool apps for your baby, haven’t you? With so many fascinating options on the radar, your toddler has enough variety to not only play to the heart’s liking but also develop many vital skills. So, get the most out of them and engage yourself in the gameplay to bring more fun into learning.

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