Apple’s iOS platform has recently added several brand new games that are coming from different places, including Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 1 and 2, and even PC; that’s pretty great, especially now because all iPad and iPod users can enjoy all their favorite games in the same place.

Furthermore, since there have been imported so many games, a true library has been created on the iPad, as well as on the iPhone, and it features almost any type of game that anyone could desire for, including discounted 99 cents fun games, and $16 classics, that have been released twenty years ago. Also, due to the advanced technology used by the platform, all the games feature amazing graphics, clean soundtracks, and many other features that will provide players with a fulfilling gaming experience. Still, there are a few games that managed to stand up, and here they are.

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Best Nintendo DS Games

Best Nintendo DS Games for iPhone and iPad

1. Might & Magic Heroes Clash

Might & Magic Heroes Clash Nintendo DS iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

First of all, we have Might & Magic Heroes Clash, which is one of the latest DS additions to the iOS. The game has been developed by Capybara Games, and it is a fabulous addition to the Apple’s games library; it has instantly become popular among users fond of video games in general. Basically, it’s a role-playing game, which will engage you in a fetching story, completed by diverse special abilities, and with a match-3 gameplay. Also, it was originally created for Nintendo, and you will surely love its unique style, graphics, and all the other elements that make it fabulous.

Price: $4.99

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2. Starting Wars in Chinatown

Starting Wars in Chinatown Nintendo DS iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

On second place we have a game just as interesting named Starting Wars in Chinatown, which is the very first game from the Grand Theft Auto series, now introduced on the iOS platform. When it was released, it instantly became one of the favorites, and it definitively was among the most well-received games in the marketplace.

It is suitable for those who are already fans of the Grand Theft Auto games, and it will surprise players with an incredible story, a vivid action, and lots of unpredictable thefts. Still, it is relatively different from the basic Grand Theft Auto games, as the action line has another structure, and it features better aesthetics.

Price: Free

3. Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix Nintendo DS iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Moving on, you will definitively enjoy playing Scribblenauts Remix, one of the cleverest games available on the iOS platform. It is a truly outstanding game that will test your brain and your intellectual capacities, by challenging you to find solutions for diverse puzzles. During the game, you will be controlling Maxwell’s actions, which is the main character, and you will struggle to find the right solutions for these intricate puzzles. Also, the game will give you numerous wise puzzle ideas, and you will need to use your creativity, and imagination, in order to find different clues, and figure out new ways to progress into the game. It is a unique experience, and it surely is a fabulous game, suitable for all those who are ready to use their brains.

Price: $0.99

4. World Ends with You: Solo Remix

World Ends with You - Solo Remix Nintendo DS iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Last but not least, ‘The World Ends with You: Solo Remix’ is by far one of the most interesting additions made by Apple lately. This game was developed by Square Enix, and it is famous for reviving the classic mobile games, and bringing something new to the market. Although it has a relatively high cost, $20.99, you will adore playing it as it features amazing gameplay and original premises.

‘The World Ends with You’ uses all the great benefits of touchscreen controls, as you will be immersed in a complete gaming experience from all points of view. You will need to fight against your enemies through different, creative means, and as you progress through the game, it will become even more complex, and challenging.

Price: $30.99

Likewise, the game is appreciated for its artistic approach and its appealing soundtracks that include over sixty amazing songs to keep you focused. By far one of the best things about this Nintendo game is that it copes flawlessly with all Apple gadgets, and you will be able to enjoy a complete and exceptional gaming experience that will be worth every penny.

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