Best Mac Clipboard Managers in 2020

As a blogger, I have to scour the Internet for multiple reasons. During my web exploration, I find a lot of links and noteworthy content, but I cannot open my Notes app often and paste those links and texts there. So what is the solution? Fortunately, there are many Mac clipboard managers available on the App Store to copy and paste the data quickly. Let’s check it out!

#1. CopyClip

CopyClip Clipboard Manager Mac App Screenshot

In your entire day, you copy a lot of text, content, or links from different websites. Apart from web sources, you may want to copy something from internal sources like App Store, Finder, and Notes apps. In this case, you can use Exceptions, which blacklist some applications. Once you select (blacklist) some apps on your Mac, Clipboard won’t record that data.

For a free app, CopyClip is arguably one of the best Mac Clipboard Managers as you can change the number of clippings for Display and remember.

Price: Free

#2. Flycut

Flycut Clipboard Manager Mac App Screenshot

With Flycut, you can comfortably manage the app from the menubar of your Mac computer or laptop. Remember, Display in menu and Favorites are three outstanding features of this app. These three allow you to show how many clippings you want in Display and how many you wish to keep in Favorites.

Menu item icons have four options: Flycut icon, Black Flycut icon, White Scissors, and Black Scissors. You can keep any one of your choices This helps when you are using dark mode on your Mac.

Price: Free

#3. Paste

Paste Clipboard Manager Mac App Screenshot

Paste has a unique interface as it can be accessed from the menubar, but when you click on the icon, a list of clippings swipe up from the bottom of your Mac screen. From the bottom list, you can copy and paste the content in your Mac apps. However, Paste is a paid app, and therefore, it restricts users from creating the clippings; when you wish to copy and paste the data, the app asks for payment.

You are supposed to right-click on the clipping to copy the text, and when a menu pops up, you can Copy the text, but as mentioned above, you need to go for in-app purchases.

Price: Free (Monthly Subscription – $0.99)

#4. iCopy

iCopy Clipboard Manager Mac App Screenshot

iCopy is a paid app that allows you to Bookmark your clippings. In addition to Bookmark, this clipboard manager serves you with Top Copies and History. Since the app prevents users at the very first encounter, you cannot explore its essential features.

Once you purchase any one of the three plans (Monthly, Half Yearly, and Yearly), you can get access to hotkeys, item selection, unlimited history, and dark mode support.

Price: Free (Unlimited Copy: 1 month – $0.99)

#5. Clipboards

Clipboards Mac App Screenshot

A glaring feature of Clipboards is that it allows you to use Swift Shortcuts to paste clipboard items in any app. Pro users would undoubtedly appreciate its feature that utilizes macOS’ Universal Clipboard to store links, images, and texts from iPhones and iPads.

Pinboard is another crucial feature of Clipboards. By using pinboard, you can find and sort your items; create labels for organized items; edit labels; access labels, types, and applications, etc.

Price: $0.99

That’s all folks!

Summing Up…

Clipboard managers are particularly useful when you are using the Apple’s ecosystem. iCloud syncing enables you to access and edit your clippings from any device. Now, copy multiple links, texts, or images one after another and paste them at leisure.

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