Best iPhone Xs Waterproof Cases: Protect Your Premium Device from Unfriendly Conditions

Want to capture your photos and videos underwater? Protect your iPhone XS with high-quality waterproof cases listed below. You can take snaps and shoot videos when you are celebrating your marine life.

Apple has improved waterproofing standards in its iPhones. With this enhanced water-resistant standard of IP68, your iPhone XS can stay 2 meters underwater for 30 minutes. But this doesn’t make it completely waterproof. You always need a case that can protect your premium device from water. For this purpose, I have listed a few top-notch iPhone XS waterproof cases.

Waterproof cases given below are made of the premium material, which gives you peace of mind in case you accidentally drop your iPhone in the water. In case you are using a waterproof pouch, you may not score on the style quotient, but such covers ensure that water doesn’t enter your iPhones.

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Best iPhone Xs Waterproof Cases


ORDTBY iPhone Xs Waterproof Case

ORDTBY has designed two waterproof cases: black and clear back. You would like to use one with a clear back as it showcases your premium device with Apple logo visible to all. For 360-degree protection, ORDTBY gives a built-in screen protector.

IP68 standard protects your device from water, dust, and snow. This means you have complete freedom of enjoying your adventurous activities like diving, climbing, skiing and more. This case supports wireless charging, without blocking any signal.

USP: Wireless charging support
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#2. Vapesoon

Vapesoon Waterproof Case for iPhone Xs

If you think waterproof cases are all about bulky profile and no-beauty, Vapesoon’s slim case changes your mind. Vapesoon has created a three-in-one case that protects your phone from water, shocks, and snow.

Powered with sensitive touch screen and comfortable buttons, this case is IP68 certified and tested to two meters for thirty minutes. The slim and crystal case is perfect for water sports, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and other outdoor sports.

USP: Slim and crystal profile
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#3. Temdan

Temdan Waterproof Case for iPhone Xs

Temdan presents a waterproof case that offers multiple benefits. Apart from IP68 certified waterproof standard, this case comes with wrist strap and float strap; the latter keeps your iPhone floating on the surface.

Another notable feature is the kickstand, which allows you to read and watch contents on your iPhone XS. This multi-function case’s front cover is equipped with the high-touch sensitive screen protector, which provides full protection to your iPhone.

USP: Multi-function case
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#4. i-Blason

i-Blason iPhone Xs Waterproof Case

i-Blason is known for manufacturing rugged, heavy-duty cases for iPhone. Based on its reputation of making protective cases, you can rely on this waterproof case for your iPhone. i-Blason has tested its IP68 standard waterproof cases before shipping to you. This gives you peace of mind when you are using your device underwater.

Front cover of this case has the screen protector to prevent scratches; at the same time, this film provides touch sensitivity.

USP: Flexible TPU
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ZEMERO Waterproof Case for iPhone Xs

While you are underwater, care should be taken that your iPhone doesn’t slip away. You should either use a case equipped with a float strap or use Zemero’s waterproof case, which has non-slip design and perfect detail.

By using this IP68 certified waterproof case, you will enjoy all your favorite water sports. Sensitive touch and clear sound are two notable features. You can keep your phone covered all the time with this waterproof case.

USP: Non-slip design
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SPIDERCASE iPhone Xs Waterproof Case

You can install and remove this case for 1000 times, and the case will remain waterproof to protect your iPhone. Spidercase has made this case using the durable material, which allows you to stay underwater for one hour (16 feet) and thirty minutes (33 feet).

This fully sealed case is exceptionally waterproof as it boasts IP68 certified standards. This slim case can endure drops from two meters and keep your iPhone secure in all situations.

USP: Slim & durable design
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#7. JOTO

JOTO iPhone Xs Waterproof Pouch

JOTO is a popular waterproof case brand that manufactures universal case design. You can use this dry bag for your iPhone XS before you dive into the water. Keep your iPhone, credit cards, and money inside this pouch when you go for fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and other water park activities.

You can take your iPhone 100 feet underwater and still you can take pictures, videos and read your emails. This powerful pouch is snowproof and dirtproof, protecting your phone and maintaining full touch screen functionality.

USP: Convenient carrying
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#8. Mpow

Mpow Waterproof Pouch for iPhone Xs

Mpow has carved a niche in iPhone accessories by introducing brilliant design and robust product materials. This waterproof pouch fully covers your device to protect it from water, snow, dust, and dirt.

IPX8 certified case is fully submersible and waterproof; the case is designed to endure extreme conditions. You can easily operate the touch screen functions on your iPhone. However, it doesn’t support Touch ID fingerprint.

USP: Endures extreme conditions
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#9. Clayco

Clayco iPhone Xs Waterproof Case

Clayco has used hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU material to build this advanced dual layer case. This IP68 certified waterproof case makes up super durable design to protect your iPhone underwater.

Look at its front cover equipped with the screen protector to prevent scratches. This case gives you uncompromising touch sensitivity along with precise cut and design.

USP: Advanced dual layer case
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SNOWFOX iPhone Xs Waterproof Case

SNOWFOX has used superior waterproof technology to craft this 100% generic new and good quality case. You can put your iPhone inside this case and take it with you for swimming, hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing, camping, and diving.

Whether it is rain, water, or snow, you can protect your iPhone from smudge, sweat, and dust. SNOWFOX’S slim and crystal clear waterproof case reveals and enhances the original color and design of your latest iPhone XS.

USP: Precise design
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That’s all! This summing up our list of waterproof cases for iPhone Xs.

Signing off…

Waterproof cases are the best companions of your device when you are away from home and office. There are many unpredictable situations, which cause damage to your device. Protect your phone from all unfriendly conditions with a waterproof case.

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