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Best Sleeves for iPhone Xs Max in 2024

I appreciate the comfort that a sleeve offers. Aside from providing a professional look and feel, the pouch also offers essential protection for the iPhone. Overall, you have a complete suite for your smartphone. Want one for your new phablet? I’ve taken a close look at some of the top iPhone Xs Max sleeves that can ideally fit into your pro demand.

1. Dockem

Dockem Sleeve for iPhone Xs Max

Simplicity is the main aspect of this pouch from Dockem. It’s made of synthetic leather and features pretty compact design. The soft-textured exterior provides much better hold. Besides, it can comfortably slip in and out of your pocket.

The soft microfiber felt interior reinforces the structure to disperse impact. With the smooth inner shell, the pouch can also ward off scratches to keep your smartphone safe.

USP: Scratch-resistant design
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2. fitBAG

fitBAG iPhone Xs Max Sleeve

This offering from fitBAG exhibits classy design. If the pro-looking design is your thing, you will find it adorable.

Talking about the construction, above-reviewed with lamb-skin nappa leather and sports refined craftsmanship. Due mainly to the high-grade leather, the pouch is able to retain its famed charm for long.

The microfiber lining makes sure scratches aren’t able to damage your smartphone. Not to mention the 17 attractive color variants that let you pick out your favorite suit for the Xs Max.

USP: Lamb-skin nappa leather
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3. Meilib (Vertical sleeve)

Meilib iPhone Xs Max Pouch Sleeve

Featuring a more pragmatic design, Meilib is designed to take care of all of your basic needs. First and foremost, it keeps everything simple and comes with a belt clip so that you can carry your smartphone with ease.

With multiple card slots on offer, it ensures your pocket remains as light as possible during travel. The smooth leather gives it a sophisticated look. And with the inclusion of impact-resistant inner shell, your phablet has a bit extra protection against shock and scratches.

USP: Multiple card slots
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4. Meilib (Horizontal sleeve)

Meilib iPhone Xs Max Pouch

Yet another sleeve from Meilib. However, unlike its sibling (mentioned above) it’s designed to be a horizontal sleeve. As for functionality, I rate it very highly as it seems to be more equipped to handle most of your demands.

It comes with the belt clip so that you have the desired flexibility and prevent the device from falling. With the additional belt loops, it further enhances the security factor. Like carrying cards for on-the-go use? Well, Meilib also comes with a slot so that you can perfectly keep your important cards.

USP: Additional belt loops
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5. Monsoon

Monsoon iPhone Xs Max Sleeve

Monsoon has manufactured this sleeve from genuine leather. This sleeve comes with a case holster and a belt clip for your plus-sized iPhone. This case can accommodate single and dual-layer cases of up to 0.55″ thickness. It is a better way to provide an extra layer of protection to your iPhone.

Since the sleeve is made of 100% genuine leather, it imparts a classy look to your device. Moreover, when the leather ages, it looks more beautiful. The slim profile of this case is not spoilt by the non-rotating belt clip, which is made of zinc alloy.

USP: Ages beautifully
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6. Debin

Debin iPhone Xs Max Sleeve Pouch

A sleeve as functional as Debin is worthy of having a special place in this roundup. Times when you are enjoying the moments with your friends in the wild or want to carry your device during long travel securely, this pouch can come in handy.

The vertical sleeve comes with the belt clip, so that keeps your smartphone perfectly in place. Regarding protection, I think it can do a reasonably good job of fighting out minor shock thanks to the presence of soft lining interior. Moreover, with the magnetic closure, it ensures your smartphone remains steady inside.

USP: Functional design
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7. Bomea

Bomea iPhone Xs Max Pouch

Bomea is pretty much like Melib horizontal sleeve (mentioned above). However, it fits your smartphone with a thin case.

The sleeve features a slightly rugged outer shell to disperse impact. To keep scratches at a fair distance, it has the smooth inner shell. There is a slot wherein you can keep a couple of cards.

Check out the belt clip with additional loops that help you keep your phablet perfectly in place. Overall, Bomea is primed to be a useful travel companion.

USP: Impact-resistant design
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8. Pofomede

Pofomede iPhone Xs Max Sleeve

I look at Pofomede as a complete sleeve. It’s carved out of premium genuine leather and features neat craftsmanship. The soft interior enables the pouch to resist impact and also offers the essential care to your iPhone Xs Max.

This one boasts a premium, vintage look and it is classy from every angle. There’s a hook on the back to wrap it on your wrist using the belt. This functionality makes it safer to store your iPhone XS Max while you are biking. Lastly, there aren’t any color choices available.

USP: Belt clip
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9. Kiwitatá

kiwitata Sleeve for iPhone Xs Max

I like kiwitatá low-profile design that’s fully geared towards being a convenient asset for your smartphone. The premium leather exterior provides enhanced grip, thereby making it more convenient for you to hold the case in your palm.

The inclusion of soft inner lining plays a significant role in making the pouch a trusted shield for your smartphone. Hence, the device can fight out normal bumps effortlessly. Overall, Kiwitatá is readied to be a well thought out companion for your Xs Max.

USP: Low-profile design
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10. Crazy Horse Craft

Crazy Horse Craft iPhone Xs Max Sleeve

Experience real handmade craftsmanship from Crazy Horse Craft with this sleeve for iPhone XS Max. The unique thing about this sleeve is the leather it uses. It is called Crazy Horse leather, which changes texture when you rub your hand over it. It feels smooth and also gives your sleeve a unique texture.

The sleeve is not readily available; it is crafted specifically after you order it. Besides that, there are two pockets for your cards. If you ask me, it is one of the best sleeves for iPhone XS Max on this list.

USP: Crazy Horse leather
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That’s all, folks!

Your top sleeve?

What are the things you like in the above-reviewed pouches? Have they looked impressive enough to win you? We would appreciate having your feedback down below in the comments.

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