Best iPhone XR Wallpapers

Best iPhone XR Wallpapers

No matter how nice wallpaper is, it begins to look dull after a few days. And the only way to prevent the screen from looking dull is choosing an all-new theme.

After picking out the finest wallpapers for iPhone Xs and Xs Max, I think I shouldn’t give a miss to the best iPhone XR wallpapers. Would like to steal some nice-looking ones for your smartphone. Let’s swim across the below collection along with me to shoot out a good many images!

Top Wallpapers for iPhone XR

Set As Wall

Coconut Tree iPhone XR WallpaperFlower Wallpaper for iPhone XRAnimated iPhone XR Wallpaper

Natural Photography iPhone XR WallpaperBird Wallpaper for iPhone XRNature Wallpaper for iPhone XR


Without mincing my words, I would say that Set As Wall’s collection of wallpapers for iPhone XR is awesome. They have got both the impressive graphic design and the variety. So, bookmark this site to adorn the Liquid Retina display at will.

AR7 Graphic Designer

Christmas Classic Blue Gold 2018 Wallpaper for iPhone XRGradient Special Edition Wallpaper for iPhone XRFluid Colors Mix iPhone XR Wallpaper

Planet Space 2 Wallpaper for iPhone XR3D Mosaic Multicolors Wallpaper for iPhone XRAurora Fluid iPhone XR Wallpaper


Whenever I think of going for some exceptionally designed wallpapers, the name AR7 instantly comes to the mind. The passionate graphic designer keeps rolling out all new wallpapers for the latest iPhones so that fans will always have the luxury of choosing some great photos. So, do keep AR7 on your radar to keep track of its offerings.

Willing to Check Out More Wallpapers?

I think the above images have already found a safe haven on your smartphone. But just in case, you aren’t pleased with them or want to view more attractive images, head over to our list of the best wallpapers for iPhone.

We’ve also picked out the best Christmas wallpaper apps. If you want your screen to be in the festive mood, go for them as well.

Signing Off…

As you have taken a glimpse of the beautiful backgrounds, share your feedback about them. And also tell us about the ones that have become your favorites.

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