Best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases: Mighty Protective Shield with Secure Locking Mechanism

We have lined up the top 10 holster and belt clip cases to let you provide complete safeguard to your device and also let you carry it more securely. Read on to tale a glance at them and pick out the most suitable option for your new iPhone:

A pricey and delicate smartphone like iPhone X deserves more care and protection. Considering the high repair charge (at least $279 for iPhone X screen repairs and $549 for any other damage.), you are better off providing an uncompromised defense to your endearing smartphone.

If you don’t want to take any chance about safeguarding the device during your adventurous activities or simply wish to go for a more sturdy profile, picking out one of the best iPhone X belt clip cases would be a great option.

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The holster cases allow you to carry your smartphone with ease. Besides, they are hugely protective, offering the complete shield to your device from falls. Want one for your iPhone X? Jump over to explore the top 10 holster and belt clip cases.

Best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases

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#1. OtterBox DEFENDER

OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone X Belt Clip Case

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES cases are well-timed for adventurous people. Thanks to the multi-layer defense, they offer the complete safeguard to your iPhone X. The fine combo of solid interior and soft exterior endows it the needed strength to endure both accidental drops and ugly scratches.

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Belt clip holster features the secure locking mechanism to let you carry your device more comfortably. The hip holster also doubles as handy kickstand for your enhanced hands-free experience. Beyond features, DEFENDER SERIES cases are available in seven vibrant colors and come with lifetime warranty.

USP: Multi-layer defense
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#2. Trianium

Trianium iPhone X Belt Clip Holster Case

Trianium Duranium Series is designed to be a top-quality heavy duty case. The integration of shock-absorbing TPU and extremely rugged polycarbonate outer shell makes it very solid and fully capable of fighting out both bumps and scrape. Hence, you will remain worry-free about the security of your iPhone while making the most of your adventurous activities.

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The included screen protector offers high clarity and also prevents the scratch from hurting the OLED display. The holster is securely attached to your belt and also functions as a useful stand to bolster your media viewing experience. Additionally, Trianium Duranium Series cases are available in four nice-looking colors and come with lifetime warranty.

USP: Protective design
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#3. i-Blason Transformer

i-Blason iPhone X Belt Clip Holster Case

Equipped with durable construction, i-Blason Transformer is a trusted bet against nasty falls. Powered by dual-layer of the casing with smooth inner sleeve and impact-resistant exterior, it’s able to defend your smartphone from all sorts of challenges. The case fits snugly on the device and offers improved grip to prevent slip-up. Belt holster offers you the needed convenience to carry your device. As the holster is detachable, you can remove it to reduce some bulk.

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Besides, the belt holster works elegantly as a stand to liven up your video time. With the responsive buttons and precise cutouts, you can comfortably access all the functions of your device.

USP: Detachable belt holster
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#4. Zizo Bolt Series

Zizo iPhone X Belt Clip Case

Zizo Bolt Series cases are mighty protective. Courtesy of the military grade protection, it can survive drops of up to 12 feet. Made of soft tetra polyurethane and rugged polycarbonate materials, it offers full-body protection to your smartphone.

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Holster clip comes with 360-degree rotatable swivel allows you to attach the case to your belt firmly. It functions as a useful stand as well. The 0.33mm thick screen protector comes with 9H hardness to keep scrape at bay. That’s not all; you can pick Bolt Series cases in four attractive colors.

If you want to explore more highly protective cases from Zizo, head over to this post.

USP: Extremely rugged construction
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#5. Maxboost DuraSlim Pro

Maxboost iPhone X Belt Clip Case

With impressive shockproof design, Maxboost DuraSlim Pro does a fine job of shielding your device against shock. The dual layers of structure reinforce its durability. All the four corners have been bolstered to disperse impact.

The detachable holster lets you conveniently attach the case with belt or bag. Built-in kickstand allows you to use your iPhone in landscape mode to enjoy movies. Lastly, it’s comparatively slim and snaps on snuggly on the device. DuraSlim Pro comes with lifetime warranty.

USP: Shockproof design
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#6. Yuzihan

Yuzihan iPhone X Holster Belt Pouch

If you adore simplicity, you will find “Yuzihan” a pretty good option. The pouch is carved out of genuine leather. With the neat design and craftsmanship, it makes your smartphone look professional.

This pouch fits your iPhone with a slim case. The presence of smooth interior ensures your smartphone has the needed safeguard against scratches.

Thanks to the additional loops, you can securely carry your iPhone X. Plus, the magnetic closure keeps your iPhone safely inside.

USP: Genuine leather
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#7. Encased Rebel Series

Encased iPhone X Belt Clip Case Holster

Great combo of style and protection, Encased Rebel Series is what you’d want to pick offer complete defense to your iPhone. Due to the robust built-up, it can knock down the drops of up to 10 feet. Soft microfiber lining interior ensure abrasion is not able to injure the beauty of your device.

The holster rotates to both horizontal and vertical positions and allows you to position your device firmly. When not needed, you can also detach the holster to remove unnecessary weight. Features aside, Encased Rebel Series cases come with lifetime warranty.

USP: Soft microfiber lining interior
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#8. Evocel Explorer Series Pro

Evocel iPhone X Belt Clip Case

What has caught our eyes in the Evocel Explorer Series Pro is the shock-absorbent design. The rock-solid body is fortified by sturdy frame to dissipate bumps.

The detachable 180-degree swivel belt clip offers you the needed flexibility to carry the iPhone securely. When not in need, you can remove it to reduce some bulk.

It also features a kickstand to let you use your smartphone hands-free. Moreover, Evocel comes in six nice-looking colors.

USP: Built-in kickstand
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#9. Lorem/Debin

Lorem iPhone X Belt Clip Case

Simplicity is the central aspect of Lorem belt clip case for iPhone X. It fits your iPhone with a slim case on. With the soft inner lining, the case defends the smartphone against accidental drops.

Courtesy the magnetic closure; you can securely close the case. The inclusion of extra belt loops offers more safety. As for durability, I think this low-profile cover is up to the mark.

USP: Extra belt loops
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#10. Bomea

BOMEA iPhone X Belt Clip Case Holster

Last but not the least, Bomea is simple yet a very practical holster case that takes of all of your needs. It features the rubberized body that absorbs shock and also resists abrasion. With the smooth texture, it offers better grip, allowing you to hold your device with the desired comfort.

The holster comes with a swivel belt clip and sturdy locking mechanism that keeps your place in place. Neat cutouts allow you to easily access camera, sensors, port, while the covered buttons have tactile feedback and offer better click.

USP: Rubberized interior
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

So, which one of these robust cases is going to pair with your iPhone X? It’d be a pleasure to know its name and the features that you find appreciable in it.

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