Earlier, we posted about the best bumper cases for iPhone SE and tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone SE. And now we are back again with some of the best screen protectors for iPhone SE. The new little masterpiece from Apple is smaller, but that also increases the risk of falling it.

Keeping that thought in mind, we have selected a few out of the pile of screen protectors. The list consists of plastic as well as glass screen protectors. That means everyone will have their choice found in the list. So let’s not wait anymore, just dive below.

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Best iPhone SE Screen Protectors

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone SE

#1. Supershieldz

SUPERSHIELDZ iPhone SE Screen Protector

Supershieldz screen protector for iPhone SE comes with 6 quantities inside the box. The protector film delivers high transparency while viewing the iPhone screen. In addition, there is hardly any difference noticed while touching the screen, which is an additional advantage. Lastly, the screen protector has a scratch-resistant coating for longer life.

USP: Real touch sensitivity
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#2. amFilm

amFilm iPhone SE Screen Protector

The amFilm screen protector is ultra-thin, almost like not having a film at all on the iPhone SE. This delivers a buttery touch experience and also almost no difference is noticed on the transparency. Inside the box, there are three film screen protectors available for the iPhone SE. Lastly, the film leaves no residue after you remove it.

USP: Three-layer PET Film
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#3. Sparin

SPARIN iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Screen Protector

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Sparin is one of the leaders in smartphone accessories in general and screen protectors in particular. With precise cutout, you can cover the entire screen of your iPhone SE, and this means, full protection of the touchscreen.

The high-definition screen guard offers 99% transparency, and therefore, you get a crystal clear view with excellent brightness and colorful image. Its 9H hardness makes this guard five times stronger than any other normal protector.

USP: Precise cutout
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OMOTON Glass Screen Protector for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

To ensure maximum protection, Omoton has crafted this screen protector with laser-cut dimensions. The design part of this screen guard is taken care of precisely, and this makes it easy for users to install the film.

Moreover, Omoton has used bubble-free adhesive, which enables users to apply the screen protector quickly. Get a clear picture with HD retina clarity and high-transparency.

USP: HD retina clarity/Laser-cut dimensions
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#5. Tech Armor

Tech Armor Glass Screen Protector for iPhone SE

One more tempered glass screen protector joins the list. This one is from Tech Armor and it is quite impressive. The premium ballistic glass screen protector is scratch-resistant and also protects your iPhone SE screen from breaking due to falls or regular wear and tear. Other features include bubble-free installation, dust and dirt resistant, HD clarity, and great touch accuracy.

USP: Ballistic glass
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#6. Pleson

Pleson iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Glass Screen Protector

Pleson has manufactured this screen guard from high-quality tempered glass that gives you real HD 99.9% transparency. It is an indescribable joy to interact with your iPhone SE with a screen protector, which is highly sensitive to your touches.

For easy installation, Pleson keeps round edge of the guard. To protect your phone against water and oil residue and sweat, the guard has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. The electro-coated surface doesn’t allow unnecessary particles to settle on the surface of the guard.

USP: True HD 99.9% transparency
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#7. Uppercase

UPPERCASE iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Glass Screen Protector

Uppercase’s screen protector is nearly a diamond for you. If you think it is an exaggeration, let me tell you that a diamond has a hardness of 10H, and this screen protector boasts a hardness of 9H. The film is made of real tempered glass with a rounded edge to provide smooth iPhone screen experience.

The brand has used silicone bubble-free adhesive that leaves touch sensitivity unaffected. The silicone adhesive ensures that no bubbles left during installation.

USP: Silicone adhesive
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#8. iCarez

iCarez iPhone SE Glass Screen Protector

The anti-glare property of iCarez screen guard allows you to use your phone under the full, bright sun. One of the striking features of this film is hinge installation method that gives you dry application. You will receive an installation kit, which makes it easier for you to apply the screen guard.

For maximum resolution, iCarez has used HD transparency premium PET film. You will appreciate its TrueTouch sensitivity and an antibacterial feature that supplies invisible and perfect protection to your smartphone’s touchscreen.

USP: Unique hinge installation
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#9. JOTO

JOTO iPhone SE Screen Protector

JOTO screen protector is made from tempered glass and not from a plastic film. That makes it stronger in resisting impact from heavy falls. The glass is merely 0.30mm thick, which is almost like not having a protector at all. The Oleophobic coating on the protector protects your screen from oil, fingerprint, and scratches. Lastly, the hardness of the protector is 9H, which is quite strong.

USP: Ultra-thin film
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#10. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone SE Screen Protector

Unlike other glass protectors, Maxboost is just 0.2mm thick, which is next to invisible. Even with such less thickness, the glass protector is scratch-resistant and also protects the iPhone SE screen from heavy falls. Being so thin, the displayed transparency is far better compared to others. Besides, the touch accuracy is also smooth.

USP: Superior touchscreen accuracy
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That’s all folks!

Summing up

Screen protectors should be the first in your list of smartphone accessories as they protect the delicate screen of your phone. While making a decision, check all the features and specifications of each film guard, and then buy the best screen guards for your iPhone SE.

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