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iGBAccessoriesBest iPhone SE Tempered Glass Screen Protectors in 2024

Best iPhone SE Tempered Glass Screen Protectors in 2024

The new iPhone SE is quite impressive in features similar to Apple’s flagship device, the iPhone 6s. The significant difference between the two is screen size and 3D Touch. Apart from these two, everything remains the same. Even though the iPhone SE doesn’t have 3D Touch, it doesn’t mean it needs no protection. By the way, iPhone display screens are a lot expensive than you can think. So it’s better to get one of the best iPhone tempered glass screen protector.


UPPERCASE iPhone SE Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It’s better to protect the screen of iPhone SE with best-in-class hardness. That’s why Uppercase tempered glass protector is on this list. It has the 9H hardness, which is just below the hardness of diamond at 10H. It will make sure your device screen stays intact from heavy falls and also won’t let dust or dirt stick to it.

USP: Best-in-class hardness
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OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone SE

People are misunderstanding thickness as hardness. It’s not always true. To prove that, Omoton tempered glass protector is the perfect example. It is just 0.23mm thick, but it is almost as hard as a diamond with 9H hardness.

The adhesive is perfectly treated to make sure it leaves no bubble while you install it on your iPhone SE. Lastly, it comes with two quantities inside the box.

USP: Laser-cut dimensions
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3. JETech

JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone SE

Unlike Maxboost and Omoton, JETech tempered glass protector is little thicker. It is 0.33mm thick and has hardness measured at 9H. Additionally, it is highly responsive to touch, excellent transparency and feels almost invisible on your iPhone SE. Moreover, it also keeps fingerprints, dust, and dirt away from settling on the screen.

USP: High-response and high transparency
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4. Power Theory

Power Theory iPhone SE Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It is a fact universally accepted that an iPhone brings excellent resale value. However, a well-maintained device can earn you a few extra bucks. And to maintain your iPhone, here is a secret: Power Theory’s glass screen protector for iPhone SE. This screen guard has Japanese Asahi tempered glass to protect your phone from dirt, scratches, and cracks.

For perfect and bubble-free installation, use Power Theory’s tool for perfect alignment. Your package will be delivered with two glass screen protectors and other necessary items. Power Theory provides you 9H rated hard glass shield to protect your device’s front camera, ALS, and proximity sensors.

USP: Crystal clear transparency
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5. Tech Armor

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for iPhone SE

As the name suggests, Tech Armor is a premium ballistic tempered glass protector. The precise laser cutting of the glass gives a perfect fit on the iPhone SE. Also, it has 99.99% HD clarity, which is like not having a protector at all.

Apart from that, it is very easy to install without leaving any bubble on the screen. Lastly, it is also scratch resistant.

USP: Premium material & expert design
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6. Supershieldz

Supershieldz iPhone SE Glass Screen Protector

Supershieldz has crafted this highest quality tempered glass with 100% bubble-free adhesives, which ensure easy application without leaving any residue. A glaring feature of this screen guard is its 99.99% HD clarity, which gives you original touch experience.

For the protection of your touchscreen, the screen protector boasts 9H strong hardness that saves the phone screen from scratches. This film is three times stronger than ordinary screen protectors. Don’t miss the hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that keep sweat and oily residue away.

USP: Lifetime replacement warranty
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7. Mr. Shield

Mr Shield iPhone SE Glass Screen Protector

Mr. Shield offers you three pieces of tempered glass screen protectors, which are perfectly compatible with your iPhone SE. Its HD clear ballistic glass does wonder on your phone screen, which is well protected against high impact drops and scratches. Moreover, check its impressive surface hardness of 9H to impart better durability and scratch resistance.

A significant highlight of Mr. Shield’s film is laser cut precision with polished rounded edges. You will enjoy its 99.99% HD clarity and impressive touchscreen accuracy in your daily interaction.

USP: Ballistic glass
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8. HPTech


This screen protector boasts 0.33mm thinness and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. It’s slightly smaller than the actual size of your device to work with almost any case. You also get a lifetime warranty to ensure that you’re satisfied with the product quality.

USP: Great customer support
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RKINC iPhone SE Tempered Glass Screen Protector

RKINC presents a High-definition tempered glass screen protector that boasts 99.9% transparency that gives you maximum natural viewing experience. It is good for your eyes and your smartphone as well. To retain touch screen sensitivity, RKINC has crafted this glass with a thickness of 0.3mm, and yet the glass is reliable and resilient.

The 9H surface hardness makes it highly durable and scratch resistant. Check the oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints and other stains.

USP: Natural viewing experience
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That’s all folks!

Wrapping up

I always stress upon the protection of touch screen when you buy a smartphone. The screen is the face of any smart device, and if the face is tarnished, your device turns ugly. For your beautiful iPhone SE, high-quality screen protectors are essential accessories. So which screen guard are you going to buy for your iPhone SE?

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