Best Battery Cases for iPhone SE in 2020: Never See That Low Battery Status

iPhone SE was first introduced in 2016; after three years, the battery capacity of this device might have declined with use. And therefore, this small smartphone may not survive all day long. However, you can change this scenario with some of the best iPhone SE battery cases.

These compactly designed cases can effortlessly and quickly charge your device on the go. Once installed, you don’t have to restrict your iPhone usage; you can even play games, watch high-resolution videos, and browse the web extensively.

Thanks to their portable and protective frame, the battery cases can be used as a standalone case as well. Let’s run through the list!

Best iPhone SE Battery Cases in 2020

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#1. Wavypo Ultra Slim Battery Case

Wavypo Battery Case for iPhone SE

Wavypo’s battery case seems to be a pretty solid option. The relatively high-capacity 4000mAh battery in a slim form factor ensures your smartphone gets plenty of extra juice without looking bulky.

Regarding safety, the case has got CE and RoHS certification. Plus, the IC circuit design enables it to fight out dangers like short-circuiting and over-current.

Wavypo cover features four LED lights so that you can check how much power is left. Plus, there is also a power button to let you turn ON/OFF the battery case.

USP: Secure charging
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#2. Portable Charging Case from Euhan

Euhan Battery Case for iPhone SE

This case from Euhan has covered most bases to be your ideal choice. The qualities that make it worth a look are its impressive and slim design, and the capacity to offer a lot of battery life.

With the 4000mAh battery in the offring, your device has an extra 230% backup. Thanks to the sync-through design, you will be able to connect your smartphone to a computer without having to remove the cover. As far as security is concerned, Euhan offers protection against short-circuiting, discharging, and overcharging.

USP: Easy Installation
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#3. PowerBear Battery Case with Built in USB

PowerBear iPhone SE Battery Case

PowerBear battery case has a very strong profile which endows it enough strength to safeguard your device from drops. The 4000mAh battery is equipped to charge your smartphone fast and securely.

You can charge both your iPhone and battery case at once. The grade A+ batteries with CE and RoHS certification makes it very reliable. Internal chips safeguard your device from overheating, overvoltage and short-circuit. This compact battery case comes in six captivating colors such as pink, black, white, yellow, green and blue, etc.

USP: High-capacity battery
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#4. MFi Certified Battery Case from SKIVA

SKIVA iPhone SE Battery Case

Though SKIVA offers lesser power than other battery cases in the list, it takes full credit for keeping the ports unblocked. In simple terms, the case does not hinder access to the lightning port or the headphone jack.

The built-in small integrated Lightning cable is MFI certified and thus offers 100% compatibility to your device. Designed with high-quality materials, SKIVA comes with over-voltage and over-current protection. Moreover, the case can be charged simultaneously along with the device.

USP: Unblocked Port
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#5. Helium Juice Pack by mophie

Mophie iPhone SE Battery Case

mophie sports a trendy design that pairs stylishly with your smartphone. The 2100mAh battery is just enough to provide sufficient web browsing and media viewing time.

It is capable of charging your device at the top speed and with the needed security. With the snap-on design, the battery case fits snuggly on the device. The covered buttons are quite responsive to the press. Furthermore, this ultra-thin battery case comes in four colors—red, white, black and orange.

USP: Fast charging
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Signing Off

Give plenty of additional power to your iPhone to browse the web and watch your favorite videos without being worried too much about the battery case of your device. These battery cases would live up to your wish with élan. If you want the case to look impressive on the phone, go for the sleek design. If a lot of additional power is what you are after, check out the battery cases with more mAh.

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