Best iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

I mostly charge my iPhone 8 wirelessly due mainly to the convenience it offers. To ensure I don’t have to remove the case every time I need to charge the device, I choose the cover, which supports Qi standard of wireless charging. With the wide range of options available, finding the best iPhone 8 wireless charging compatible cases is not a big deal.

If you also like to juice up your device wirelessly, you’d like to have one of these cases. Though many of these covers have sleek skin, there are quite a few cases with highly protective built-up to offer an all-around safeguard to your smartphone. And yes, we have also included some transparent cases for the folks who like to let their device glow without any hindrance. Therefore, you can choose a case depending on your need.

#1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Support Case

If you wish to give full license to your iPhone to shine elegantly, “Spigen Ultra Hybrid S” case would be a fine option. The ultra-transparent design ensures you are able to flaunt your smartphone with aplomb.

The blend of hard PC and soft TPU has made it durable enough to provide needed protection to your smartphone from drops. Air cushion technology fortifies corners to endure bumps. Metal kickstand enhances your hands-free experience. Moreover, you can pick out Ultra Hybrid S in two colors: space crystal and crystal clear.

USP: Crystal clear design
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#2. ESR

ESR iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Compatible Case

ESR has got an eye-catching slim profile. Being very flexible, the case is straightforward to install and remove. TPU texture does a good job of keeping fingerprints away and doesn’t allow grime to build up. Besides, it also offers improved gripping that can be handy for the folks who have butterfingers.

The 1mm raised lip for the screen, and 1.3mm camera ring helps the case offer needed defense against scratch. What’s more, ESR comes in six fascinating color variants.

USP: Soft-textured skin
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RANVOO iPhone 8 Case with Wireless Charging Support

To showcase your iPhone 8 in style, you would love to have this ultra-flexible case. The soft TPU material has played a major role in making this cover so elastic.

The bumper design adds some needed muscle to the armory to help the cover survive the low impact. With the micro texture, the cover can also fight smudge and fingerprints. So, expect this clear case to keep the transparency intact for long.

What’s more, this thin clear cover from RANVOO is available in four charming hues namely red, rose gold, silver, and black.

USP: Ultra-flexible
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#4. Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Support Case

What makes “Spigen Liquid Air Armor” a worthy contender for your choice is the rubberized grip and form-fitting profile. Made of high-quality TPU, it’s extremely soft and flexible. Hence, you won’t have a hard time installing the case on your device.

The one-piece design wraps around flawlessly on the iPhone 8. Textured surface feels warm to the touch, while the tactile buttons offer better click. Additionally, Liquid Air Armor comes only in two colors: black and midnight blue.

USP: Secure grip design
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#5. ESR

ESR iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Compatilbe Case with Kickstand

Want a more functional case for your iPhone 8? You shouldn’t miss out on ESR.
The case features double-layered of construction reinforced by rugged PC back and soft bumper. The soft frame doesn’t allow the smartphone to slip away from your hands.

To me, the biggest feature of this case is the metal kickstand which allows you to position your smartphone both in portrait and landscape modes that can really bolster your media viewing experience. Beyond improved hands-free experience, this case from ESR is available in three colors: black, silver and rose gold.

USP: Enhanced hands-free experience
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#6. JETech

JETech iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Support Case

Very few clear cases for iPhone 8 is as famous (four and a half stars out of over 3, 000 customer reviews) like this one from JETech. The manufacturer has used the combination of PC and TPU material to make it sleek enough to look elegant and robust enough to withstand impact.

However, what makes this clear cover a cut above many of its counterparts is the UV resistance. As a result, the case doesn’t turn yellow or lose its clarity.

The elevated lip doesn’t allow the rear camera and the touchscreen to get roughed up by scrapes. Better still, you have the option to choose your favorite JETech clear suit in six eye-catching colors: red, rose gold, gold and more.

USP: Anti-yellow
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#7. Anker Ice-Case

Anker Ice iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Compatible Case

Anker Ice-Case is for the folks who like showcasing their iPhone. Sporting transparent design, the case lets the smartphone reveal its charm without any roadblock. The combination of PC and TPU material provides it the desired solidity to survive accidental drops.

Reinforced bumper further strengthens its structure. The cutouts are very precise; allowing comfortable access to the camera, port, button, and sensors. Moreover, Ice-Case comes with 18-month warranty and is available in three colors: black, gunmetal and rose gold.

USP: Reinforced bumper
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RANVOO Slim Fit Shell iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Support Case

I like the thin and compact design of RANVOO. Prepared with hard PC, the case may look pretty slim, but it’s strong enough to ward off scratch and also withstand minor impact.

Rubber-coated back doesn’t allow dust or grime to build up. Covered buttons are quite sensitive to the touch. The availability of six color options like black, blue, dark blue, gold, red and rose gold lets you choose an ideal fit for your smartphone. Besides, you get a one-year manufacturer warranty in RANVOO cases.

USP: Attractive svelte design
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#9. EasyAcc

EasyAcc iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Support Case

The quality that has appealed me in EasyAcc is the ultra-thin design that makes a stunning match with the iPhone. Hard PC construction coupled is topped by the matte finish that augments its look.

Elevated edge doesn’t let touchscreen slide on the surface. There is also a beveled edge for the camera to keep it protected. It has a couple of cuts at the bottom to let you easily remove the case. Besides, EasyAcc is available in attractive color variants like black, blue and red.

USP: Raised edge for camera and screen
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#10. TORRAS Love Series

TORRAS iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Compatible Case

Embrace liquid silicone gel. TORRAS Love Series has a pretty delicate profile. The high-quality PU leather has given it a warm feel. Soft-textured exterior fits all the contours of the palm, making it more convenient to carry the iPhone in hands.

Inner microfiber cushion has armored its structure to resist scratch. Besides, it can also dissipate minor impact. What’s more, Love Series cases are available in seven gorgeous colors and topped by the lifetime warranty.

USP: Inner microfiber cushion
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#11. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid Wireless Charging Support iPhone 8 Case

The quality that has appealed me in “Spigen Neo Hybrid” is the well-built design that not only makes an impressive pair with the iPhone but also offers it the trusted protection. The combo of hard PC and flexible TPU has bolstered the hybrid structure to withstand impact and absorb shock.

The corners have got an extra shield to knock down the impact of bumps. The rubberized pattern allows you hold your smartphone more comfortably. For all being so protective, Neo Hybrid supports wireless charging. Additionally, you can choose this case in six color options including gold, gunmetal.

USP: Shock-absorbing design
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That’s all!

What’s your favorite?

So, which one of these cases is going to match your iPhone 8? Let us know its name in the comments below.

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