Best iPhone 8 Plus Folio Cases in 2020

To prevent anyone from taking a peek at what I’m listening to or up to on my iPhone, I prefer using a folio case. The one with card slots and money sleeve always remains my go-to option whenever I’m on the move. As for design, I like the one with a classy look. Primarily based on neat workmanship and durable built-up, these are my best iPhone 8 Plus folio cases.


SHIELDON iPhone 8 Plus Folio Wallet Case

What makes SHIELDON folio case a top-notch suit for the iPhone 8 Plus is the high-quality material enriched by superior craftsmanship. The cowhide leather construction is fully capable of resisting impact, while the TPU interior enables it to resist scratch. Refined finish topped by visible stitching gives it an appreciable look.

This leather wallet case features three card slots and a side pocket wherein you will be able to stash some dollar bills comfortably. You can also double it up to view media more conveniently. Lastly, SHIELDON folio wallet cases come with a lifetime warranty and are available in seven appreciable color variants: black, red, brown and more.

USP: Cowhide Leather
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ZOVER iPhone 8 Plus Folio Case

I look at “ZOVER” as a simple folio wallet case. The genuine leather construction gives it a classy design. With the bumper design, the case can help your phablet survive bumps with ease.

Three slots for cards and a pocket for cash ensure you don’t need to carry a separate wallet. And with the strong magnet, it keeps your valuables safe. Plus, ZOVER comes in eight beautiful hues including red, navy blue and more.

USP: Impact-resistant design
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#3. Dreem

Dreem iPhone 8 Plus Folio Wallet Case

Exhibiting classy design, Dreem is primed to be a top-of-the-line folio wallet case. The genuine leather structure has been beautifully adorned by the high-level craftsmanship. You can rely on this folio case to withstand shock and keep your smartphone protected from scrape.

It allows you to store up to 3-6 cards and up to 5-10 dollar bills in the interior slots. Stand feature makes it a perfect bet for a fun-loving media time. That’s not all; this folio leather case comes with one year warranty and is available in multiple color options including dark blue, teal, red, etc.

USP: Classy Design
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TANNC iPhone 8 Plus Folio Case

Look no further for an elegant leather case for your iPhone 8 Plus. Tannc has got you covered with a vintage-style phone cover. Besides, the thick micro-leather provides enough protection from dust, dirt, and minor impacts from the drop.

What’s more? It also comes with a tempered glass screen protector to secure the display as well. The folio design has wallet featuring three slots for cards and a pocket for some of your bills. Lastly, it is available in just one color – brown.

USP: Tempered glass protector included
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QIALINO iPhone 8 Plus Folio Wallet Case

It’s the lightweight and compact design that makes QIALINO such a good deal for the folks who prefer minimalist design. Crafted with the top-quality leather, it has a refined look. The microfiber lining interior offers the essential care to your iPhone by keeping scratch at a fair distance.

Courtesy of the smooth surface, it offers an enhanced grip that doesn’t allow any slip-up. It comes with three slots for cards and a money sleeve for stashing some cash. Moreover, you can pick this sophisticated folio case in three colors: black, brown and pink.

USP: Microfiber Lining Interior
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TUCCH iPhone 8 Plus Folio Case

Should you want to go for a reasonably good folio wallet case at an affordable price, consider this offering from TUCCH. It’s made of PU leather and features a classy handmade design.

The soft leather exterior provides a comfy feel, while the TPU casing endows the needed resistance to fight out the impact from drops. Three card slots and a money pocket make it an ideal travel companion.

The front cover is good at working as a makeshift stand to liven up your video watching. Moreover, you will be able to pick out TUCCH in some appreciable color options like blue, brown, hot pink and more.

USP: Classy look with handmade design
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#7. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 8 Plus Folio Case

Simply put, my vote for the most affordable yet highly impressive folio case for iPhone 8 Plus goes to this offering from Maxboost. Available at just $8.99, it can beat out many of its counterparts on several fronts.

The cover is readied with soft PU leather and has an impact resistant interior for added protection. There are a big money pocket and three slots where your credit and ID cards can find a safe haven.

With the self-propping stand always ready, your horizontal viewing will remain fun. Better still, this wallet case also plays nicely with Qi-enabled wireless chargers and comes in black and rose gold colors topped by a reliable lifetime warranty.

USP: Affordable yet very impressive
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#8. Icarercase

icarercase iPhone 8 Plus Folio Case

Do you have a liking for rich handmade design? If yes, Icarercase folio wallet case can be a great pick. Made of genuine cowhide leather, it’s a long lasting companion of your smartphone.

It’s equipped to offer full-body protection to the device. Three card slots and a money pocket can ideally live up to your task. Magnetic strap ensures your iPhone along with other valuables remains securely inside. That apart, Icarercase comes only in two colors: brown and coffee.

USP: Rich Handmade Design
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#9. WenBelle Blazers Series

WenBelle iPhone 8 Plus Folio Case

If you are looking for a simple yet functional folio case, WenBelle Blazers Series can fit into your needs admirably. With the low-profile design, it has a professional look. The soft PU leather exterior feels nice to the touch and also offers a secure grip.

Soft-textured interior ensures scrape remains at bay. As for protection, you can trust it to withstand impact. Three card slots and a money pocket help it tick all the important boxes. Past the features, this decent folio case comes in three colors: blue, brown and grey.

USP: Low-Profile Design
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#10. iPulse

iPulse iPhone 8 Plus Folio Case

A richly handcrafted case like iPulse deserves to have your attention. Italian full grain cowhide leather reinforces its construction while also adding irresistible appeal to its profile. Smooth leather texture plays a decisive role in not just enhancing grip but also helping it retain its class for long.

One ID slot, two credit card slots and a big pocket for cash ensure you don’t have to carry a standalone wallet. TPU interior boosts its construction; enabling it to withstand shock. On top of all, iPulse comes in multiple colors—backed by a lifetime warranty.

USP: Smooth leather texture
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What’s your favorite folio case?

It’s time to let us know the name of the case that’s stolen the heart of your iPhone? Is it the one that sports a vintage design or the one that looks trendy? Besides, also tell us about the features you like to see in a high-quality folio case.

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