Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 8 Plus in 2021

Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 8 Plus

Whenever I’m on the move, I prefer to use a wallet case to keep my credit cards, cash, and iPhone securely in place. Besides, it provides the all-round safeguard from abrasion and shock. Considering all of the necessary features, I have lined up the best iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases. here are a couple of main qualities like the practical design and neat built-up that make these folio wallet cases worth giving a serious look at. They make a form-fitting pair with the iPhone without adding any bulk. Enough talk? Let’s head over to explore the best wallet cases for iPhone 8 Plus!

1. Bella Fino Wallet Case from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Exhibiting both class and elegance, “Bella Fino” is a premium wallet case. The full-grain American leather is topped by the refined craftsmanship that gives it an executive look.

The UV resistance helps the leather case keep its charm intact, while the rich patina ensures it ages with grace. Hence, you will love to use it for long.

The interior slots let you store up to 6-8 cards which is more than enough for normal use. Plus, there is also a big cash pocket to stash some dollar bills. On top of all, Bella Fino is designed to get along nicely with wireless chargers as well.

USP: Full-grain American leather
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2. bellroy Leather Wallet Case with 3 Cards

BellRoy iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Life throws many challenges and to meet them, and one has to stay fit and active. A bulky wallet packed with currency notes, plastic money, and IDs might hamper your chase to excellence at your workplace and home. To get rid of this, Bellroy has designed this wallet case to store your money smartly.

This wallet case for iPhone 8 Plus offers enough space to insert three cards. Bellroy has utilized the back of this case and carved a slot there so that you can quickly take your cards out when it is time to pay money. Apart from the card storage, this case also offers a dedicated slot to put your phone’s SIM card.

USP: Chamfered edges
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3. bellroy Leather Wallet Case with 5 Cards

BellRoy Wallet Case for iPhone 8 Plus

Here is one more case from the bellroy. This is simply unbeatable wallet case for your iPhone! You can store up to four credit cards and cash in the dedicated slots. If you avoid carrying cash along, you can insert one more card in the slot. It is a perfect wallet case for you when you are out for a shopping spree.

For your phone’s protection, Bellroy has crafted a case that looks like a container. When you install this case on your iPhone, your device is fully covered from all sides and corners, leaving little space for damage.

USP: Slot for SIM card and SIM ejector
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4. B Belk Slim Luxury Leather Case

B BELK iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

The wallet case from B Belk can completely replace your wallet, while securing your iPhone 8 Plus at the same time. It has multiple pockets for cards and cash that you can carry around. On top of that, premium vegan leather is durable and looks classy while holding in hands.

The best part is the detachable iPhone case. You can use it as only wallet, only as a case, or both. Impressingly, you can have vertical and horizontal kickstand facility with this case. Lastly, there are also a few color options available.

USP: Premium vegan leather
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5. Smartish Slim Protective Wallet Cover

Silk iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Silk is specifically crafted for the folks who have a special liking for bulk-less design. The wallet case has a slot on the back to let you store up to three cards without any hassle. Compact design with the strong built-up offers basic protection from impact.

Textured sides allow you to hold your device in your hands securely. Credit card kickstand also doubles up smartly to liven up your hands-free experience. That aside, you can pick this stylish wallet case in four colors: black onyx, rose gold, gunmetal gray and champagne gold.

USP: Textured Sides
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6. TUCCH Flip Folio Wallet Cases for iPhone 8 Plus

TUCCH iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

TUCCH wallet case has got a vintage design, with the soft PU leather construction. Being so smooth, the cover offers the secure grip. Magnetic clasp keeps the case perfectly fastened.

With the three card slots and a money sleeve, this folio wallet case ideally meets your basic needs. It also offers fully-body protection to your smartphone. Furthermore, you can pick this case in five colors: black, blue, red, brown and pink.

USP: Vintage Design
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7. Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case

Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

If it’s time of elegance, Spigen Slim Armor is a superb suit for your smartphone. Carved out of the high-grade PC and soft PC material, this minimalist wallet case has enough strength to be a durable companion for the iPhone 8 Plus. Courtesy of the solid casing, it offers the desired shield against impact.

The wallet case features a slot on the back wherein you can comfortably stash up to a couple of cards. Sliding cover allows you to access your valuables easily. Tactile buttons are easy to press. Moreover, you get six nice looking colors like red, gunmetal, jet white and rose gold, blush gold and black to choose from.

USP: Shock-absorbent construction
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8. Belemay Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Belemay iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

This offering from “Belemay” showcases both class and elegance. The genuine leather structure with the handcrafted design gives makes it a good-looking match with your executive profile.

The multiple card slots a bills compartment help you carry your essentials with complete peace of mind. With the heat dissipation design, it prevents your smartphone from overheating.

Regarding protection, the leather cover can fight out shock with ease. Not to forget the three vintage color variants like black, blue and coffee brown.

USP: Heat dissipation design
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9. PASONOMI Holster Carrying Wallet Case

PASONOMI iPhone 8 Wallet

What makes Pasonomi worth giving a serious look is the functional design. It allows you to carry multiple cards and a lot of cash without any pain at all. The zipper closure allows you to close the case securely.

There is also a button to offer additional security to your valuables. Fusion of PU leather and PC have bolstered its durability. Based on your need, you can also detach the case get rid of the unnecessary bulk. Furthermore, this wallet is available in six fascinating colors.

USP: Highly Functional Design
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10. Pasonomi Vintage Flip Wallet Case

PASONOMI iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Pasonomi has an adorable handmade design. The impressive craftsmanship topped by beautiful stitching gives it an appreciable look. High-grade leather bolsters its longevity, while also providing required defense from shock.

Stand feature is excellent for viewing media in the desired angle. There is also a magnetic strap to keep all the valuables in place. This vintage wallet case comes with three card slots and a compartment for keeping some dollar bills. Lastly, there are six enchanting colors to choose from.

USP: 360-degree protection
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11. ZVEdeng Case with Wallet Card Holder

ZVEdeng iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

As a minimalist wallet case, ZVEdeng has appealed me a lot. It’s the combination of soft TPU and PU leather. The case has a money pocket and three slots to let you store ID and credit cards.

Due mainly to the sturdy casing, the cover can be trusted to withstand falls and offer an uncompromised defense to the phablet. With the raised TPU lip, the screen gets the deserving safeguard against scratches.

Beyond protection, what makes ZVEdeng so praiseworthy is the availability of more than ten attractive color variants with nice patterns.

USP: Modish design
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12. Spigen Valentinus Designed Wallet Case

Spigen Valentinus iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Endowed with pragmatic design, Spigen Valentinus looks classy. The genuine leather structure not only makes it highly durable but also enables it to offer uncompromised care to your smartphone. Having a slim profile, it doesn’t add much weight to the iPhone.

The PC casing strengthens its construction; allowing it to withstand bumps with ease. It comes with a cash pocket and three slots for cards. Snap closure lets you securely fasten the case. Past the features, Valentinus is available in only two colors: black and dark brown.

USP: Strong PC casing
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13. ZOVER Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Zover iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

ZOVER features a classic book design. It’s made of genuine cowhide leather and fully capable of providing essential protection to your device. The wallet case has a money sleeve and three card slots.

With the stand function, it enhances your hands-free experience. Magnetic closure lets you comfortably fasten and open the case. Additionally, this durable wallet case comes in seven color variants including, black, dark brown, navy blue and more.

Price: Impressive book design
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14. Speck Products Presidio Wallet Case

Speck iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Cases

What stands for “Speck Presidio” is the slim yet exceptionally sturdy design. The combination of durable PC and soft TPE has armored its construction to provide military-grade protection to the iPhone. It can survive up to 10 feet drops.

With the matte exterior, you get the better gripping. It also keeps fingerprints and smudges away. There is a hidden slot on the rear to let you store your card securely. Moreover, Presidio comes in three beautiful colors like black, grey and mars red.

USP: 10 feet Drop protection
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15. Dockem Exec Wallet Case

Dockem iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Cases

Should you think of giving more priority of minimalist profile, Dockem Exec can be one of the better options for you. It’s got a pretty simple design that wraps around the iPhone spotlessly.

The synthetic leather gives it a sophisticated look, while the smooth interior enables it to resist scratch.

With the soft-textured exterior, your palm feels at home while holding the phablet. It features a couple of slots on the back to let you store cards.

USP: Professional, Executive Snap-On Cover
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Your Favorite Wallet Case?

I’m sure you have chosen a fine looking wallet cases for iPhone 8 Plus, haven’t you? Which one has caught your eyes and the qualities you have liked in it? Is there any case I missed out on this list? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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