Best iPhone 8 Plus Camera Lens Protectors in 2019: Anti-Scratch Shield

Concerned about the safety of the dual camera of your iPhone 8 Plus or 7 Plus? I have picked out some top camera lens protectors for iPhone 8 Plus in 2019, which offer a reliable shield against scratches. I'm sure you will find them up to the mark.

Sometimes I love to use my iPhone without any case. To ensure my iPhone continues to look sleek and make its presence felt, I prefer thinnest cases and clear cases. However, there are times when I want to carry the smartphone without any cover. And that’s the time when I wish to have the top camera lens protectors at my disposal to shield the iPhone 8 Plus dual camera against scratches.

The camera lens defender works perfectly in keeping smudge and dust at bay. Besides, they also offer crystal clarity to ensure there is no problem in capturing better shots. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many lens protectors available right now. However, I have found some pretty good options. So, if you want to provide an additional guard to the dual camera, head over to explore them!

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Best iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus Camera Lens Protectors in 2019

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#1. Superior ZRL

superiorus ZRL Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 8 Plus

Made of aluminum alloy material, Superior ZRL camera lens defender can fully safeguard the dual-camera of your iPhone 8 Plus. It has a precise design that ensures the shooter remains shielded against scuffs.

It’s pretty easy to install and remove. Plus, this lens protector comes in three nice-looking colors like black, gold, and silver.

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USP: Durable aluminum alloy material
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#2. WirelessFinest

WirelessFinest iPhone 8 Plus Camera Lens Protector

WirelessFinest has manufactured a real glass lens for your iPhone’s camera protection. To check its material, you can bend the lens; a plastic material will bend while the real glass will either crack or shatter.

The product comes with a glass lens cover replacement, tool, guide with tips, the adhesive is preinstalled, tempered glass, and a clean cloth. You can use this kit to keep this glass lens stain-free for a long time.

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USP: Preinstalled adhesives
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BisLinks Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 8 Plus

BisLinks has come up with a neatly designed camera lens defender. Due mainly to the tempered glass, it’s more equipped to defend the shooter against scuffs.

Another notable feature is the high-clarity that ensures you are able to capture stunning shots and record videos without any inconvenience. Plus, the oleophobic nano coating enables it to put fingerprint and smudge away.

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USP: Oleophobic nano-coating
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#4. Casetego

Casetego iPhone 8, 7 Plus Camera Lens Protector

The thing that makes “Casetego” a fine lens cover is the 2.5D rounded edges that help it get installed flawlessly and offer full coverage. As there are no air bubbles, you won’t have any problem in putting it in the right place. Besides, it doesn’t leave residue behind when removed.

Regarding impact protection, Casetego is durable enough to withstand sharp scratch and even nasty impact. Beyond protection, it comes in triple packs so that you always have an extra lens cover in the store.

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USP: 2.5D rounded edges
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#5. Akwox

Akwox Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus

With just 0.2mm thickness, Akwox may appear to be vulnerable. However, when you put it to the real-life test, you will find it up to the task. It delivers high-transparency so that there is no hurdle while video shooting or snapping images.

The precise cutout enables it to fit spotlessly. As for protection, you can trust Akwox to fight out both the scratches and the accidental impact. Oh yeah, Akwox is available in four packs.

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USP: Precise cutout
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LONTECT iPhone 8, 7 Plus Camera Lens Protector

This offering from LONTECT may have got just two stars out of five from almost two hundred customer reviews (at the time of writing this article). However, you can safely put your trust on this lens shield to deliver the goods when it matters the most.

Talking about the design, it features smooth edges and gets fitted out painlessly. As for thickness, it’s slightly on the slimmer side but does have the strength to withstand damage. Furthermore, LONTECT lens protector comes in dual packs with a one-year warranty.

USP: Smooth edges
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#7. JimBird

JimBird Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus

Looking for a combo pack that comes with a screen guard and lens cover? If yes, you should keep JimBird in mind.

The included screen guard is made of tempered glass and features exact cutouts. Thus, it doesn’t interfere with the selfie camera and even the Touch ID button. And the lens protector does a reasonably good job in defending the dual camera against abrasions.

USP: Anti-fingerprint
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#8. Constantly

Constantly iPhone 8 Plus Camera Lens Protector

Constantly’s lens cover is tempered glass for your iPhone 8 Plus. This protective film boasts high-transparency, which makes your photography experience excellent and unique. A high-definition camera lens protector is made of soft tempered glass and not the hard glass.

Constantly has not used plastic material. It is an ultra-thin lens but can effectively safeguard your phone lens from scratches. You can easily install the protector on your iPhone’s camera lens.

USP: Ultra-thin lens guard
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That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

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