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Best waterproof cases for iPhone 7 plus

With IP67 certification, iPhone 7 Plus is splash, dust, and water-resistant. You can submerge your iPhone in water for up to 30 minutes in 1m depth. It may be good enough for average users, but what about those who love to measure the depth of seas? If you don’t want to restrict yourself while making the most of your swimming and wish the iPhone to witness all your moves and joy, then you must go for a particular waterproof case. To ensure you can get nothing less than the very best, we have chosen ten out of many worthy contenders out there. What’s more, they are powerful enough to crush the impact of even bumps. Let’s dive ahead to swim across the list…!


ORDTBY iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case

ORDTBY brings an IP68 level waterproof assistance to protect your iPhone against water. Apart from water, this case can also safeguard your device from snow, shock, and dust. This case weighs only 1.7 ounce, and therefore, it does not add any bulk or weight to your iPhone.

Even as your iPhone is covered with the case, you can operate finger ID function, speaker, buttons, sensors, and cameras. Your iPhone protection comes with zero burden. Don’t miss that built-in screen guard.

USP: Built-in screen guard
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JOTO iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Pouch

A pouch offers complete protection to your iPhone 7 Plus. Joto has designed a universal waterproof case that can easily accommodate your iPhone and give all-around protection from water. Look at that lanyard to handle your phone with a firm grip while you are underwater.

Apart from being waterproof, this case is snowproof and dustproof as well. You can easily access your phone’s touchscreen, as the case is touch-friendly. This means you can send text and emails and perform other touch screen functions.

USP: Touch-friendly
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3. Punkcase StudStar Series

Punkcase Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 Plus

This waterproof case has an elegant appearance. Having been IP68 certified, it allows you to enjoy your swimming without being worried about the safety of your iPhone.

The sturdy exterior makes it incredibly powerful, which helps it absorb shock as well as nasty fall. Slim design looks pretty cool on the phablet. Built-in screen protector offers HD clarity. Moreover, StudStar waterproof case is available in seven beautiful colors including black, light blue, pink, etc.

USP: Durable construction
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4. Lycase

Lycase iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case

The pinkish case is specially designed for female consumers of iPhone 7 Plus. The case fulfills waterproof standards of IP68 rating. This advanced dual layer case provides 360-degree protection as it meets MIL-STD-810G standard.

Safeguard your iPhone 7 Plus from the daily wear and tear as the case offers 100% seal. The sensitive touchscreen and all side buttons of the case make it easy to use.

USP: 360-degree protection
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5. Fansteck

Fansteck iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case

Waterproof cases are normally thicker than other cases. However, Fansteck has made innovation here and manufactured nearly 50% thinner case than other waterproof cases. This doesn’t mean Fansteck has made compromises on security; this case boasts IP68 waterproof standards.

The brand has conducted around 1000 tests to ensure no leakage or water damage during two hours 6.6 feet underwater. You can capture high-quality HD photos and videos underwater as the case has a transparent front and back camera lens covers.

USP: 50% thinner than other cases
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6. LifeProof

Lifeproof Fre iPhone 7-8 Plus Waterproof Case

LifeProof is a leading brand that manufactures high-quality waterproof cases for iPhones. This waterproof case is taken from FRE series of LifeProof. This 100% authentic case gives you full access to buttons and controls so that you can charge and sync through the USB port.

Check that built-in scratch protector, which is virtually invisible to your eyes and touch. You can submerge your iPhone 7 Plus two meters underwater for one hour to check the capacity of this case. LifeProof gives you a one-year limited warranty.

USP: IP68 ingress protection rating
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OUNNE iPhone 7 Plus-8 Plus Waterproof Case

If you are in quest of a top-grade waterproof case at a comparatively low price, you should give OUNNE a serious look. The case has an extremely durable structure that can fight out the impact of nasty bumps with ease. Protective outer shell also offers better grip, making sure you feel comfortable while holding the iPhone in your palm.

Screen guard offers crystal clarity and also defends the screen against scratch. Aside from transparency, the screen protector is very smooth to the touch. Hence, you won’t have any problem in using 3D Touch on your smartphone. As for buttons, they are easy to operate.

USP: Enhanced grip
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8. NexCase

NexCase Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 Plus

What catches my eyeballs in this waterproof case is the sturdy profile. Made of quality polycarbonate and TPU material, it is exceptionally durable.

The dual layer of construction is robust enough to absorb shock and keep away scratch. Add to that the IP68 waterproof standard, and you have a pretty good case which is capable of fighting against all sorts of obstacles coming its way. Furthermore, NexCase comes in four good-looking color variants such as black, blue, white and ever gorgeous pink.

USP: Rugged profile
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9. Effun

Effun iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case

This waterproof case from Effun has you fully covered. It’s completely sealed, and IP68 certified. Therefore, you have a bit more freedom to make the most of swimming.

The combo of hard plastic and silicone material has strengthened its construction to survive accidental drops. With the responsive touchscreen, you can use the device without any issue.

Besides, Effun comes in four color variants such as pink, white, and aqua blue. Plus, it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

USP: Completely sealed structure
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That’s all!

Your pick?

I guess you have found a perfect companion for your iPhone. Which one is it and what are the qualities that you have found adorable in it?

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