Best Battery Cases for iPhone 7 in 2020

Everyone uses their iPhones their way. Whether you are always on call or love playing games or browse all day, good battery life is what we all desire. This is why our curated list of the best iPhone 7 Battery Cases is a must-read for users who want more from their devices.

Apart from lending an additional boost to your iPhone 7, these cases also offer much-needed protection. And not just protection from external damage, they can also extend the life cycle of the battery as well. So, let’s jump right into the listing without any delay.

Best iPhone 7 Battery Cases in 2020

#1. Trianium Atomic Pro 3200 mAh Battery Case

Trianium iPhone 7 Battery Case

What impresses me in the Atomic Pro battery case is the elegant appearance and the form-fitting design. The 3200mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery is good enough to provide 100% extra battery life.

Sync through technology makes it very convenient to sync the smartphone to a computer without having to remove the case. You can also simultaneously charge iPhone and battery case with the included micro-USB cable. An LED battery level indicator reflects the remaining power of the battery bank.

USP: Sync-through technology
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#2. Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7

Why not entrust your device to someone who knows it inside out, the manufacturers. The Apple case offers 26 hours of talk time, 24 hours of HD videos, and 22 hours of browsing.

No need to blindly depending on the back LED lights, check the exact battery percentage via the Notification Center or the iPhone Lock screen. The one-piece design with a soft elastomer hinge makes installation and removal easy. Moreover, support for all lightning accessory is well maintained.

USP: An Apple product
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#3. Slim Portable Battery Case from Alpatronix

Alpatronix iPhone 7 Battery Case

Alpatronix BX170 battery case is the perfect combination of style and power. It features a 3200mAh rechargeable battery that supplies over 120% additional battery life.

360° scratch-guard, dual-layer protection and raised front bumper keeps the device shielded from scratch. A compact design minimizes bulk, making it pocket-friendly and comfortable to hold. The brand further offers a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back warranty.

USP: Dual-layer design
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#4. LoHi Battery Case

LoHi Battery Case

This battery case boast a 5000mAh built-in lithium polymer charger chip that can provide more than 270% extra battery life. In just 2 hours, it can fully charge your phone. Further, it features automatic power off and intelligent power management function to protect your phone from overheating or overcharging.

Further,  it comes with the strongest clip that will not break easily when you pull out your phone from it. It also supports charging, audio and data sync. So you can enjoy music with headphones while charging by case, or you can quickly transfer files if you need to.

USP: Fast Charging
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#5. Wireless Protective Battery Case from Mophie

Mophie iPhone 7 Protective Battery Case

Looking for accessories that can turn your iPhone 7 Wireless charging friendly? Then Mophie Juice pack can offer you a great alternative. The case is Qi-compatible, and thanks to this, the device can be charged wirelessly as well. All you have to do is to dress it with the Mophie case.

When you are on the move, the built-in rechargeable battery can lend over 100% extra battery. A Priority+ technology enables pass-through charge & sync via the included micro USB cable. Notably, when charging your iPhone recharges first, and then the juice pack case.

USP: Wireless charging compatible
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#6. Swaller 4500mAh Battery Charger Case

iPhone 7 Battery Case from Swaller

A battery case that doesn’t take away the elegance of your iPhone the 4500mAh battery adds productivity. A hard-shell backplate and a rubber bumper design offer maximum protection against shock and other daily wear and tear.

With a lightning port at its disposal, the battery case supports seamless syncing and music listening experience. You can charge both iPhone and case simultaneously with the original iPhone cable. The rubberized top makes installation or removal quite easy.

USP: Slim and compact profile
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#7. 6000mAh Protective Charging Case from QTshine

QTshine Battery Case for iPhone 7

When you are on a long journey, extra power comes in handy. That’s why I think you would appreciate QTshine, which comes with a massive 6000mAh battery. With almost 180% extra juice in the tank, you will have the desired freedom to explore the web and watch videos.

The case offers a 360° scratch-guard that provides the needed protection against accidental shock. Besides shock and scratches, the case protects your iPhone from overheating, short-circuiting, overcharging, and discharging. Lastly, it also offers support for lightning cables and other lightning accessories.

USP: 24 Month after-Sale Technical Support
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#8. Lonlif 4000mAh Battery Charger Case

Lonlif Battery Case for iPhone 7

A sleek battery cases that maintain almost all functionality of your device, from music listening to data sync. Moreover, the slim casing does not compromise on the protection aspect. So, rest assured that your smartphone will be able to keep the challenge from accidental falls at bay.

Thanks to a top magnetic piece, installation or removal is a piece of a cake. Aside from design, Lonlif also packs a decent 4000mAh battery. With over 120% power, you can access over 14 hours Internet use, 16 hours talk time or 48 hours audio playback.

USP: Magnetic Top
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#9. Portable Battery Charger Case from Feob

Feob iPhone 7 Battery Case

Why should you cut down your extensive gameplay or fun-loving video watching when you have a case with a mammoth battery. Feob with a 6000mAh battery can be a perfect foil for your endless play thanks mainly to the more than 250% additional power.

Apart from the huge battery capacity, I appreciate its form-factor which looks compact. The durable bumper design helps your smartphone endure shock. And with the sync through design, it lets you sync and juice up your iPhone a time.

USP: Mammoth 6000mAh battery
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#10. U-good Battery Case

U-good Battery Case for iphone 7

If you prefer a slim battery case that doesn’t add much bulk, check out this one by U-good. It features a 3200 mAh battery that is thin yet adequate to power your phone for hours. With a thickness of just 13.5 mm and weight of 77g, it’s an ideal travel companion.

At the same time, you can rest assured about safety because it incorporates a smart chip that protects against overcharging and overheating. When you plug in the charging cable, it will first power up your phone fully and then power the battery case.

USP: Thin and lightweight
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Wrapping up!!

As our smartphones becoming our lifelines, battery cases are also integral part of the routine life. Sensing this trend, manufacturers are developing and incorporating many techniques to make them more powerful and comfortable. What is your favorite case of them all?

Have we missed out on your favorite? Do share in the comment section below, so we can add them in our list.

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