Best iPhone 7 Battery Cases in 2019: Keep Your Smartphone Power-Up in Style

If you are going to use your brand new iPhone extensively or play hardcore games, you must check out these best iPhone 7 battery cases in 2019 to let you provide your smartphone a lot of additional power to it.

Even though iPhone 7 has got slightly better battery life, it’s still not enough to last the full tilt. If you are in the habit of playing a power-hungry game like Pokemon Go, you need some additional power to enjoy gaming without any interruption. What could be better than a battery case to let you not just extend the battery life of your iPhone but also offer the desired style and convenience?

What set these battery cases apart is the appealing ultra-slim design and the ability to offer more than 100% battery life to your iPhone. Better still, you can use them as standalone case as well. (Thinking about improving the battery life on iOS 12 as well? Jump over to this post.)

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Best iPhone 7 Battery Cases in 2019

#1. Trianium Atomic Pro

Trianium iPhone 7 Battery Case

What impresses me in Atomic Pro battery case is the elegant appearance. The form-fitting design looks nice on the iPhone.

The 3200mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery is good enough to provide 100% extra battery life. The sync through technology makes it very convenient to sync the smartphone to a computer without having to remove the case. It features an LED battery level indicator which lets you how much power your device has.

Lastly, you can pick out Atomic Pro in multiple colors like the blue, black, white/gray and black signature.

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USP: Sync-through technology
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#2. VinPone

VinPone iPhone 7 Battery Case

When you want to remain worry-free about the battery life of your smartphone, that’s when the extra juice comes in really handy.

Featuring a solid 6000mAh battery, VinPone is designed to work not just as a powerful battery cover for your smartphone but also as a mini power bank. Therefore, you will have tons of additional juice in the tank to use the device a bit more freely.

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As for security, CE and RoHS certifications make it a safe product. Talking about the safeguard against bumps, it has got the scratch-guard design to fight out shock with ease.

USP: CE and RoHS certifications
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#3. Alpatronix BX170

Alpatronix iPhone 7 Battery Case

Alpatronix BX170 battery case is the perfect combination of style and power. It features 3200mAh rechargeable battery that supplies over 100% additional battery life to your iPhone.

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The raised edge shields the screen of the device from scratch. The compact look minimizes bulk. BX170 is very comfortable to hold in hands and easily slips into your pocket.

USP: 360° scratch-guard
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SHENMZ iPhone 7 Battery Case

Times when you are on a long journey, extra power comes in really handy. That’s why I think you would appreciate SHENMZ that comes with a massive 6000mAh battery. With almost 180% extra juice in the tank, you will have the desired freedom to explore the web and watch videos.

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The case offers a 360° scratch-guard provides the needed protection to your iPhone 7 against accidental shock. Beside shock and scratches, the case protects your iPhone 7 from overcharging and overheating. Lastly, it is available in two different colors.

USP: 180% extra charge
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#5. MILE

MILE Battery Case for iPhone 7

Sporting a compact design, MILE makes a form-fitting match with the smartphone. And with the solid 4500mAh battery in the offing, it can offer over 150% additional power to your iPhone 7.

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Thanks to the four LED lights, you will be able to keep a close eye on the charging status with ease. The soft TPU rubber ensures you get the secure grip, whereas the accurate holes provide painless access to camera and ports. Regarding protection from impact, MILE can withstand minor falls and also prevent scratches.

USP: Improved grip
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#6. Swaller

Swaller iPhone 7 Battery Case

Swaller is the sort of battery case that doesn’t take away the elegance of your iPhone. With just a 3000mAh battery, it doesn’t offer a lot of extra power to your smartphone. However, if you think that 100% additional juice would be sufficient, this one can be a good pick.

The cover looks slim but can withstand shock. So, your smartphone should be able to keep the challenge from random falls at bay.

One notable feature of this case is the sync-through design that ensures there is no need to remove the cover before syncing the iPhone with a computer.

USP: Slim and compact profile
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#7. Gasopic

Gasopic Battery Case for iPhone 7-8

Many battery covers can tick off as many essential boxes like this one. Gasopic sports a comparatively slim profile but comes with a robust 4500mAh battery. Thus, your smartphone gets a huge 150% of extra power to take on your extensive web browsing or hardcore games with more freedom.

Regarding protection from drops, Gasopic shouldn’t disappoint you. And what stands this case in good stead is the impact resistant casing. That’s not all; you get to choose from five captivating color variants.

USP: 360°scratch-guard
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#8. Lonlif

Lonlif Battery Case for iPhone 7

The prime reason why I’ve handpicked Lonlif is the impressive compact design. That means it keeps the elegance of your smartphone intact. With all having a slim casing, the cover doesn’t allow a random shock to hurt your smartphone.

Plus, it also has a raised edge to shield the camera against scrapes. Aside from design, Lonlif is backed by a decent 4000mAh battery. Over 120% power should be sufficient for most occasions.

USP: Slim profile
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#9. Feob

Feob iPhone 7 Battery Case

Why should you cut down your extensive gameplay or fun-loving video watching when you have a case with a mammoth battery. Feob with a 6000mAh battery can be a perfect foil for your endless play thanks mainly to the more than 250% additional power.

Apart from the huge battery capacity, I appreciate its form-factor which looks compact. The durable bumper design helps your smartphone endure shock. And with the sync through design, it lets you sync and juice up your iPhone a time.

USP: Mammoth 6000mAh battery
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That’s all!

Wrap Up

What I like most about these battery cases is that they can work as a standalone case for your device. With a slim design, they do make a nice-looking pair with iPhone, don’t they?

Which battery case will you choose to add additional power to your iPhone? Let me know that in the comments. And, if any of your favorite battery cases are missing from this list, make sure to inform me.

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