Best Camera Lenses for iPhone 11 in 2020

With its affordable price and excellent photography features, iPhone 11 is the second best selling phone of 2019. Although most users are happy with camera tips and tricks, pro users would always like to make the most of the dual camera. For this purpose, they need the best iPhone 11 camera lenses. Let’s jump on to the list.

#1. Xenvo Pro Lens with LED Light

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone 11

Xenvo has come up with a pro lens that is compatible with all single and dual-camera iPhones, which certainly include iPhone 11. With the help of a truview 0.45x wide-angle lens, you can capture 45% more picture every time. Whether you are clicking photos of people, pets, natural scenery, landscapes, architecture, or selfies, you won’t get any dark corners.

The lens is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and high-quality optical glass, which ensures durability and clarity. To minimize ghosting, Xenvo has used multi-element, coated glass lenses. This lens is appreciated by photography enthusiasts and pro users alike.


  • No dark corners
  • 45% more pictures
  • Coated glass lenses to reduce ghosting


  • Does not zoom in on distant objects

Price: $39.99
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#2. CESCOM 9-in-1 iPhone Camera Lens Kit

CESCOM Camera Lens for iPhone 11

CESCOM has got a 9-in-1 iPhone lens kit to achieve excellent results every time you take photos on your smartphone. The entire package includes macro lens, wide-angle lens, and fisheye lens for your iPhone 11. For superior light transmission and brightness, CESCOM has manufactured optical glass with multi-resistant coating.

You can magnify your target 20 times with a macro lens, which helps you capture beautiful close-up shots of jewelry, flowers, and insects. The extensive compatibility of the lens permits you to use it on other iPhones than iPhone 11.


  • Zoom lens made of aluminum alloy
  • 20 times magnification of targets
  • Wide compatibility


  • Need to use the phone zoom function to zoom in and zoom out

Price: $26.99
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#3. CoPedvic Super Wide Angle Lens

CoPedvic iPhone 11 Camera Lens

CoPedvic has manufactured a super wide-angle lens that can also work as a monocular/telescope if you use a tripod to fix your iPhone 11. Users can explore iPhone photography and videography like a pro. Whether it is a portrait or a landscape snap, you can deftly handle every shot with up to 95% transmittance.

Along with the kit, you will get a flexible clamp, a phone holder, a metal tripod, an eyecup, and a zipped case. If you are a globe-trotter, you can pack all these accessories in your travel bags and set out on an adventure trip.


  • 205° fisheye lens
  • 4K HD 0.67X super wide-angle lens
  • 25X macro lens


  • Fisheye can distort the center of image and background

Price: $32.98
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#4. Selvim 4-in-1 Camera Lens Kit

Selvim Camera Lens for iPhone 11

Selvim is all set to expand your iPhone 11’s photo-capturing capabilities. And for this, the brand has prepared a lens kit with a flexible clamp, phone clip, upgraded metal tripod, an eyecup, storage case, and cleaning cloth. To help you achieve excellence in photography, Selvim packs 235° fisheye lens, HD 0.62X super wide-angle lens & 25X macro lens.

This lens kit precisely works on the front and rear camera of your iPhone 11. By using aluminum alloy housing, you can rotate the objective ring and fix the focus.


  • Vivid close-up shots
  • Minimum ghosting and flaring
  • Works on front and rear camera


  • Not compatible with multiple iOS devices

Price: $29.99
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#5. AOMAIS Pro Camera Lens Kit

AOMAIS iPhone 11 Camera Lens

AOMAIS has packed seven top-quality optical glasses with a 4K HD lens for iPhone 11. Use the lens for all occasions and achieve the best results without any distortion. Portraits, selfies, landscapes, travel pics, architecture, and more – the lens will always help you. AOMAIS has used multi-resistant coating technology that provides a nano-transparent coating on both sides.

Twenty-four layers of nano-transparent coating deliver 98% ultra-high transmittance. One of the glaring features of this lens is an LED light glow clip, which is rechargeable. You can take higher quality images, even in darker conditions.


  • 98% ultra-high transmittance
  • Rechargeable LED light
  • Equipped with 4K HD lens


  • Unimpressive wide angle

Price: $25.99
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#6. Mocalaca Lens Kit for iPhone

Mocalaca iPhone 11 Camera Lens Kit

Mocalaca dispatches five lenses and seven accessories to enhance your photography experience. All the top-notch components provide you the best pictures every time. The lens is made of multicoated glass optics that enable more light to pass through and transmits colors, sharpness, and brightness. Enjoy crisp and high-resolution images without much distortion and glare.

Apart from iPhone 11, the lens is compatible with 99% smartphones available on the market. Hence, you can use this lens on all your iPhones and Android phones as well.


  • High-quality components
  • Crisp images
  • Minimal distortion


  • Challenging to screw lens out of the clip

Price: $28.99
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#7. RAGU 10-in-1 iPhone Camera Kit

RAGU Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 11

RAGU gives you a 10-in-1 kit for all your photography needs. Create beautiful memories by using wide-angle and 25x macro, 235-degree fisheye, shutter remote, and tripod. This is a perfect gift for someone you love; all the lenses and accessories will be delivered in a lightweight carrying case. During your long trips, you can protect all your iPhone camera accessories in a pocket-size zipper case.

Although the telephoto lens is not useful for iPhone 11 users, they can always harp on a macro lens, which can take detailed close-up shots. Users can also take fantastic landscape photos or group shots by using a wide-angle lens.


  • Ideal for detailed close-up shots
  • Impressive landscape photography
  • Perfect for group photos


  • Bubble effects can spoil photos

Price: $27.99
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That’s all!

Which lens are you going to buy?

The more you pile up accessories in your kitty, the better care you should take care of them. Although lenses will take your photography skills to the next level, you have to keep them disinfected with anti-bacterial products.

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Are you using any camera lens for your iPhone 11? Share your experience with us in the comment box.

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