Best iPad Pro 9.7-inch Wall Mounts: Give Your iPad a Greater Degree of Flexibility

iPad Pro wall mounts presented here are made of robust material and stylized by superior designs. The aesthetic elements never limit these products to be wall mount but an artistic piece.

Wall mounts offer a greater degree of flexibility when you want to use your iPad Pro in hands-free mode. Once you install a wall mount on the wall, you can easily use your 9.7-inch iPad Pro with both your hands. A wall mount takes the pain of holding your iPad Pro in one hand and using it with another one.

Installation of a wall mount is much easier than you think; no need to call an expert as the wall mounts listed here have user-friendly features like multi-angle rotation, slim grip, universal holder, adjustable arms, etc.

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Some of the wall mounts also take in iPad Pro with case wrapped around. So this list of iPad Pro wall mounts can be useful for all users with its excellent features and superior quality.

Best iPad Pro 9.7-inch Wall Mounts

#1. Arkon

Arkon iPad Pro 9.7 Inch Wall Mount

Appreciate Arkon’s slim-grip spring-loaded tablet holder, which holds your iPad Pro securely in place; moreover, this feature also ensures that you can insert or remove your iPad without any hassle. You can customize its short and long legs, which are equally divided in number.

These legs offer a perfect fit for your iPad. Its adjustable leg design gives you quick access to all side buttons and ports. Adjust your iPad Pro vertically with the mount’s 360 degrees swivel facility.

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USP: Customizable legs
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#2. iKross

iKross Wall Mount for iPad Pro 9.7 Inch

The heavy-duty brushed aluminum base of iKross wall mount is adjustable. To achieve the best screen angles and perfect positioning, users can use its 360-degree adjustable holder.

The release button on this mount gives you easy installation and removal of your iPad Pro. One of the major benefits of iKross wall mount is that you can install it in your kitchen also and follow the best food recipes, video chats with friends and have more fun.

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USP: Contemporary design
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#3. CTA Digital

CTA Digital Wall Mount for iPad Pro

CTA Digital offers you seamless integration of your iPad Pro into your workstation or desk at home. In this wall mount, you will find style and substance as it is made of aluminum and flaunts stylish design.

You can easily install this product on a wall, under the kitchen cabinet or you can use it as a countertop stand to comfortably use apps or watch videos. You can securely fit your iPad Pro in its adjustable holder, which can rotate 360 degrees.

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USP: Wide compatibility
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#4. Dockem Koala

Koala iPad Pro 9.7-inch Wall Mount

This versatile Dockem Koala wall mount for iPad Pro offers an excellent blend of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability. The wall mount is so resourceful that you can use it in your kitchen, bedroom, gym, bathroom, office, etc. Install the mount, fit your iPad Pro in it and charge and view your tablet.

Koala wall mount is designed to give you full access to all ports and buttons on your iPad Pro. You can easily insert and remove your iPad Pro as there is no fuss with clamps, springs or latches of this product.

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USP: Built-in cord clips
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#5. Mount-It!

Mount-It Wall Mount for iPad 9.7-inch

There are two glaring features of Mount-It! iPad Pro wall mount and both complement each other. The mount has anti-theft locking function and it gives convenient access to the public. So when you want to show something to a larger mass, you can use this mount and turn your iPad Pro into a kiosk at offices, schools, and retail space.

To create an anti-theft design, Mount-It! has used Allen wrench, which locks the enclosure to keep your iPad Pro safe from tampering and theft.

USP: Anti-theft design
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#6. MoKo

MoKo iPad 9.7-inch Wall Mount

MoKo is a leading brand that manufactures high-quality iPhone and iPad accessories. This iPad Pro holder comes with an extendable clamp, which makes installation and removal of your device a hassle-free experience.

With its adjustable 360-degree stand, you can achieve the best viewing angle. This mount is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy on which, MoKo has fitted four mounting bases. You can use this mount in your kitchen, living room, or any other location.

USP: Extendable clamp
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BESTEK iPad Stand-Wall Mount

The gooseneck of this tablet holder allows you to adjust your iPad Pro from several angles. The neck is durable and flexible, and hence, it doesn’t lose its strength even after prolonged use. The two clamps let you install your iPad Pro without any extra effort.

The two-way mounting clamp has rubber pads that protect your furniture from scratch and wear. Without drilling your wall or using any tool, you can install this wall mount in your kitchen or office.

USP: Adjustable gooseneck
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#8. Jubor

Jubor iPad 9.7-inch Wall Mount

Jubor’s iPad Pro mount is your passport to a smart lifestyle. Its unique design allows you to use this mount in three display modes: tabletop, wall, and under the cabinet. Whether you are cooking something delicious in the kitchen or working on your project in office, you can fix the mount on any surface and mount your iPad Pro.

With its sturdy design, Jubor’s iPad mount is convenient to carry and use anywhere. Watching videos, slideshows, or movies is exceptionally comfortable with adjustable hex keys.

USP: Three display modes
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HUANUO iPad 9.7-inch Wall Mount

HUANUO dispatches pre-installed iPad Pro mount, which needs to take out and use it in your home or office. Apart from its traditional use as a tablet stand, you can use this mount on the monitor stand, on the wall, on the fridge door, etc.

The wide compatibility of this tablet holder allows you to install on larger iPad Pros. Use its adjustable mount with secure stand, press the side button to adjust the mount.

USP: Pre-installed mount
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Wrapping up

Wall mounts are more used by homemakers, who spend a lot of time in the kitchen to cook delicious recipes. They can watch YouTube videos and more, while both their hands are occupied with utensils. Who else can make the most of iPad Pro wall mounts?

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