Best 9.7-inch iPad [2018] Keyboard Cases: Designed For Fast & Easy-Going Typing

If accelerating your typing is high on your agenda, these top 10 keyboard cases for new iPad 2018 will instantly pass your acid test. Beyond plain sailing typing, they also offer multiple viewing angles to make your media viewing a delightful experience. As for protection, they are designed to be a safe bet!

A keyboard case has long been one of my favorite accessories for iPad. Apart from making typing a smooth sailing, the case also offers multiple viewing angles. To ensure my tablet has additional security, I choose the cover that can resist impact as well. Having browsed through a number of options and closely taken a look at their pros and cons, I have listed out the best 9.7-inch iPad keyboard cases.

If you are planning to use your new iPad 2018 as a handy laptop, you should give these top cases a serious consideration. They pair flawlessly with the tablet and feature highly responsive keys. Plus, many of them come in several color variants!

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Best Keyboard Cases for New 9.7-inch iPad 2018

#1. Favormates

Favormates 2018 iPad Keyboard Case

Favormates is undoubtedly one of the most appreciable keyboard cases for the 9.7-inch iPad. Sporting a compact design and very responsive keys, this is precisely what you would want to transform your tablet into a smartphone notebook.

Thanks to the 130-degree rotating clamshell cover, you have multiple viewing angles. Therefore, both your movie time and typing will have improved experience.

There are seven backlight colors and three brightness settings to ensure you don’t have any trouble while typing in low-lit environments. On top of all, Favormates comes in five hot colors: black, silver, gold, rose gold and the evergreen space gray!

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USP: 130-degree rotating clamshell cover
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#2. ZAGG

ZAGG iPad 9.7-inch iPad 2018 Keyboard Case

If money is not a problem and you can travel some distance for a premium keyboard case, ZAGG has to be a great option. It features tactile keys, which can be enormously helpful in improving your typing speed.

The built-in battery lasts up to two years after being fully charged up. With the rugged construction, it’s able to offer the necessary protection to the iPad. And yes, there is also stand functionality to bolster your media watching and typing experience.

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USP: Long battery life
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#3. NokBabo

NokBabo looks so refined and fits spotlessly on the iPad! Blessed with 130-degrees rotating clamshell cover, the case ideally meets your viewing and typing demands. Keys are very smooth and make typing plain sailing.

There is a special cutout on the back to let the Apple logo shine through. You can select this stylish keyboard case in three colors: black, rose gold and silver. Moreover, NokBabo is backed by a two-year warranty.

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USP: Form-fitting profile
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KVAGO iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Keyboard Case

KVAGO’s compact design is worthy of attention! The case snaps on immaculately on the iPad and also defends it against both scratch and bumps. All the keys are extremely responsive and offer crisp feedback that makes typing a pleasing experience.

Depending on your need, you can also adjust the backlight colors and brightness to continue to work on your project at nights. The 130-degree rotation is just fine for having hassle-free viewing angles. Additionally, KVAGO is available in three colors: black, silver and gold.

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USP: Tactile keys
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#5. Alpatronix KX130

Alpatronix KX130 is right on the money when it comes to being handy keyboard case for the iPad. With the low-profile design, it looks formal on the tablet.

ABS keys have a nice feel and make typing easy-going. Therefore, you won’t have trouble while writing a note or making a quick project. Synthetic leather exterior offers better hold and also keeps away abrasion. KX130 lasts more than 120 hours after being fully juiced up. Lastly, the keyboard is supported by two-year limited warranty.

USP: More than 120 hours work time
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#6. Valoin

Valoin iPad 9.7-inch Keyboard Case

Valoin is simply a fine keyboard case that can elegantly stand up to your demands. The quality that has caught my eyes, in this case, is the ultra-lightweight design. For all being so slim, it’s got enough strength to fight out the challenge of bumps.

As for keys, they are as responsive as you would want. LED doesn’t let darkness mar your work in dim-lit environments. You can also rotate the clamshell up to 130-degree to have the better angle. With the magnetic closure, it extends the battery life of your iPad.

USP: Sleek design
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#7. Genjia

Genjia 2018 iPad 9.7-inch Keybaord Case

What steals the show for this keyboard is the ability to let you tilt your iPad up to 180-degrees. That means you have more enhanced media viewing angles. Crispy feedback of the keys plays a big role in accelerating your typing. Oh yes, there are also shortcut hotkeys to cut down on hiccups! The case looks pretty slim weighing just 400g.

Rugged PC exterior and ABS plastic frame enable it to withstand bumps with ease. Furthermore, you can choose this minimalist case in three colors: black, gold and rose gold.

USP: Shortcut hotkeys
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#8. Poweradd

Poweradd 9.7--inch iPad 2018 Keyboard Case

Poweradd is one of the cheapest keyboard cases for 9.7-inch iPad. However, it’s got the quality to offer decent performance. The removable wireless keyboard provides more flexibility allowing you to cut down the bulk when you are not typing and use it as a standalone case. The foldable stand works reliably in offering the desired viewing angle.

PU leather outer shell can absorb minor shock and also resist scratch. And with over 110 hours of work time, you won’t be bothered to power up your iPad time and again.

USP: Removable wireless keyboard
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SENGBIRCH Keyboard Case for iPad 9.7-inch 2018

I have chosen SENGBIRCH for one appreciable feature– the 360-degree rotation that allows you to conveniently adjust your iPad to have better viewing and typing angles. If you are willing to have unrestricted viewing positions, this one is the way to go.

It also lets you customize backlight to keep your typing in fast lane even in dark environment. Due to the built-in magnetic, it turns on the iPad screen when you open the lid and turn off the screen when you close the lid. Despite having a slim form-factor, it can endure minor drops. Lastly, SENGBIRCH comes in three colors: black, gold and rose gold.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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#10. Pasonomi

PASONOMI iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Keyboard Case

Pasonomi features the classic design, which may not appeal to everyone. However, the keyboard case has all the bases covered to be a praiseworthy option.

When not in use, you can detach the Bluetooth keyboard to reduce some bulk. Equipped with 220mAh battery, it is able to last up to 110 hours after being completely charged up. Soft PU leather offers the non-slip grip. Furthermore, you can select this case in two good-looking colors: black and red.

USP: Smooth and responsive keys
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That’s all, folks!

You pick?

Now that you have navigated through the above cases let me know which one is timed for your specific needs. And also tell us the qualities you have found admirable in that particular cover.

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